Festive food fun at meeting

Guest Helen Moran during the Hepscott WI meeting.
Guest Helen Moran during the Hepscott WI meeting.

Hepscott WI

TASTY treats were enjoyed by the ladies at their November meeting.

Joint President Linda Wadge welcomed Helen Moran, a home economist, who showed members her ideas for Makes and Bakes at Christmas.

Although retired from teaching in school, she can be seen at Beamish Museum dressing up in Georgian costume while cooking authentic period food, as well as showing visitors how to make corn dollies.

As a teacher, Mrs Moran was adept at holding the interest of her pupils and the ladies of the WI quickly became a captive audience. She began by describing herself as a gas virgin and proceeded to light the rings of her portable gas hob very warily with long matches.

Once the gas was flickering merrily, she kept up a lively conversation as she chopped, beat and juiced – her useful tips were peppered with anecdotes which had everyone laughing.

She described each step of the recipe as she went and all were easy to cook at home. She made a virtue out of being mean, searching for bargains and freezing extra portions. Recipes were versatile and varied e.g. chicken and apricot parcels could be served as part of a hot main meal, cold with salad or sliced thinly as canapes.

The air was filled with tantalising smells as pans simmered and fresh ingredients were chopped to create the next dish. The luscious creamy fruit dessert was no danger to members’ waistlines as it was low fat and those in attendance all eagerly awaited the final event of the evening – tasting.

They were not disappointed. The different dishes were delicious and most managed to try a bit of everything and left clutching the recipe sheet determined to try them out at home.

The December meeting will take place in the village hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, December 17, where an evening of surprises, fun and games will make for a great Christmas party.