Firm looks for lessons learned

LESSONS will be learned from elsewhere to support communities affected by the closure of the Lynemouth smelter.

Rio Tinto Alcan says it is committed to the regional economic development of the area following the closure of the plant later this year, which will see 515 people lose their jobs.

And bosses say they will look to the lessons learned from the company’s other site closures in Anglesey and Kinlochleven to make the best of the situation.

Smelter Director David Jones said: “Anglesey is three years along the line compared to Lynemouth and there is a lot to learn from what happened there.”

A public meeting at the Lynemouth site heard that following the Anglesey closure in 2009, the company worked closely with local authorities and agencies and the community to bring about a successful regeneration.

The response group in Northumberland is already in contact with Anglesey officials.

Regional Economic Development Director for Lynemouth John McCabe said: “From our experience of plant closures around the world, where it works best is where the company works as closely as possible with the community.”