Fishing club helps brings people into Morpeth

Wansbeck Angling 

ACTIVITIES are going swimmingly at a long-standing fishing club.

Not only has Wansbeck Angling Association attracted 25 new members, but the group is also gaining appreciation across the region for its work in stocking the free fishing stretch of the River Wansbeck at Morpeth.

The section is open to anyone with a national fishing licence.

Each year the association restocks the river with around 1,000 fish, including the free stretch for non-members.

Morpeth Town Council has also supported the stocking with grant funding.

And association Chairman Doug Graham said it is reaping results for the whole town.

He said: “When we stock the river, we also do the free stretch by the stepping stones and further down.

“Now local lads don’t bother going poaching in our stretch because they have their own stretch of river to take fish from.

“Most fly-fishermen put the fish back now so we still have quite a few fish in the river.

“There was one lad from Durham who was going up to Scotland to fish, but he heard about us stocking the river and parked up in Morpeth to have a couple of hours’ fishing here.

“He also stopped on the way back.

“He said he didn’t know of any other town where you can enjoy free fishing like this.

“We also get men coming fishing while their wives are shopping, and they bring the kids down to the river as well.

“People really appreciate what we are doing.

“They are coming from different places to fish in Morpeth, which is good for the town because they also spend money here in the shops.”

The association has been running for more than 100 years.