Fitness first as club tries out pilates

Mitford WI

WITH thoughts of autumn food and weather, the need to remain fit and active is paramount, so it was appropriate that Gill Glass, a highly qualified Pilates instructor came to talk to Mitford WI.

Gill became involved in Pilates after a serious accident followed by major surgery, which left her in constant pain and lacking in confidence. Pilates taught her how strong core muscles support the spine, restore flexibility and by improving posture, reduce the stress on muscles and joints. The improvement to her health led her to study as an instructor.

Gill gave us a demonstration of some of the basic exercises to do at any time through the day. Members were even encouraged to do them during the advertising intervals whilst watching TV.

We all felt that through her encouragement and enthusiasm, Pilates exercises could only work for the good. Gill has classes in Mitford Village Hall on Tuesdays. For details contact Wendy Talkes on 01670 517952.