Flood appeal from Chantry Middle School

CHANTRY Middle School pupils have pleaded with the Environment Agency to install flood defences in Morpeth without delay. Here are their letters.

MR Armstrong was at work when the floods came. When he came home he decided just to go to bed as it was late and the water was just creeping in. He took all his important possessions and went to bed. At 3am the floods came in. He looked downstairs at the devastation and stayed upstairs because he could not attempt to go downstairs in the dark and he didn’t want to touch the power in case it electrocuted him. Finally at 10am he was rescued and he stayed with his mum until it was safe for him to return. When my Dad came to visit him the day he had got home my Dad said the living room was full of river sludge and he helped him clean it out. The whole downstairs had to be stripped and he lived upstairs for two weeks until the downstairs was finished. He is always scared when rain is due. IMOGEN MANION-POTTS, 12 Chantry Middle School

I HAVE heard that the Government has scrapped plans to clean out the Morpeth river and put up flood defences. The last time the river flooded our school was nearly flooded. If it gets any worse it might flood our school, which means it will cost a lot and we will miss out on a lot of education. One of my other points is that people could die. Thankfully no one died in the last floods, but if it happens again we might not be as lucky. Also, it is okay for you because the River Thames has flood defences and you have a lot of money, but what about Morpeth? We do not have flood defences and people do not have that much money. So I would just like you to stop and think about all those people who will be affected by your decision. Will you just let the good people of Morpeth struggle on by themselves? Or will you help us? Please help us. SARAH ARMSTRONG Chantry Middle School

I AM Rose McLean from Chantry Middle School and I am writing to tell you how outrageous it is that you won’t fund flood defences. Did you know that over 1,000 people and families lost their homes? It’s atrocious that you can’t realise that these people are suffering. Some of them have just moved back into their houses. Can you imagine if every time there was a heavy rainfall you had to pile sandbags at your door, you panicked and took all your belongings upstairs? These people desperately need reassuring. Please think about the people of Morpeth. Please, have some heart. ROSE MCLEAN Chantry Middle School

PLEASE persuade the Government to make the river defences. Thousands of people got flooded and homes and possessions were lost. How would other people from Parliament like it if their homes were flooded? They would want defences wouldn’t they? Of course. So please help us by going forward with the flood defences for Morpeth. No one wants to go through another flood so help. SCOTT TRAYLER Chantry Middle School

MARGARET Young lived next to the river with her seven-year-old dog Lisa. They had lived together for years, until the 2008 floods began. On the day, my grandmother Margret was in Newcastle with daughter Julie Ibbertson. They came back from Newcastle and my grandmother was not allowed in her house. She told the policemen to save Lisa, her dog in the house, but they took no notice. Margret got evacuated to the McHenry’s household for a couple of weeks. They told her the news about Lisa and she had drowned. Margret was terribly upset. They gave her a council flat in Stobhill Avenues for the next year. After staying there a year she gave up on her house and her neighbour moved in after a while, but Margret decided to buy a new one in Oldgate Court. Now she has a new dog, Bella, and a new house. Happy, but she still has memories with her one and only delight, Lisa. ELLIE MCHENRY, 11 Chantry Middle School

IN citizenship we have been learning that every human has a right to speak their voice therefore I wish to say my opinion. Thousands of houses and families were ruined by the flood. People felt abandoned, lots were left homeless. They were walking the streets, not knowing where to go. It was chaos. We are trying as hard as we can to protect Morpeth and its people from the riverside, but we need more help. As citizens we deserve flood defences. GINNY BREDIN KEMP Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to inform you that we would like to have some flood defences or money to build them. Here in Morpeth over 1,000 homes got damaged. The atmosphere here was horrible and people are scared in case it happens again. Please think carefully before refusing us. Without help the Government may well have to spend more money to put things right if flooding happens again. LUIS GUSTAVO Chantry Middle School

I AM outraged that the Government is refusing to put up flood defences along the river. Each time it rains, paranoid civilians nibble their nails anxiously. The floods have scarred them for life (metaphorically). What if you were in their shoes? Over a thousand homes were damaged or destroyed. The leisure centre was flooded and the library wrecked so badly books were simply torn apart. Families had to be rescued and thousands of pounds were spent on new carpets and to replace the ravaged wallpaper. So I do hope you understand how important the flood defence is. Many houses are at stake. I hope you take my letter seriously and re-decide about the promised flood defence. ERIN WARING Chantry Middle School

WE have been informed that you are not going to build flood barriers, but what happens if Morpeth gets flooded again? What will we do then? I wasn’t hit by the floods, but a couple of my relatives were affected by them and I can understand how hard it was for them. They had to evacuate for nine months. My Grandad works for the Environment Agency and he agrees with me and is hoping you will make flood barriers in the future. Hopefully this letter will make you change your mind for the future about the floods. JAKE PANTER Chantry Middle School

WE are writing to strongly recommend that Morpeth flood defence scheme is allowed to proceed in preventing further flooding in Morpeth. You may not have seen the disastrous sights in Morpeth and surrounding areas two years previously, but if you had experienced the solemn atmosphere around here and seen thousands of homes damaged, and many lives disrupted, you would know how vitally important it is to fund this essential project. Chantry Middle School fully supports this project and wants to help others have an insight to Morpeth on September 6, 2008. Please do not hesitate to contact us. OLIVIA LOIS TAYLOR Chantry Middle School

MORPETH floods was a horrible experience. Luckily, I was somewhere up high, but my Mum was in Mitford next to the river, helping her friend. The council wouldn’t give out and sandbags to them, luckily one of them was a builder and built a wall just strong enough so the flood would not get to them. They had miniature horses, they had miniature foals at the time too. They had to carry them up to their horsebox and keep them safe in there, along with their cat. Some of the other horses were in the stables. The flood water was higher than their hoofs. Thankfully, nothing was dragged away. I was at my friend’s house along the Morpeth high street watching the river carry the trees around, watching the flood on the TV, watching the helicopter hover over the floods, imagining what it would be like to be down in the floods. My Mum and her friend tried to come up Dogger Bank in a Range Rover to collect me from my friend’s house, but they kept floating back down, with no grip or wheels on the ground. They were petrified in case they didn’t get me back, but late at night, when the floods had calmed down, my Dad and his friend came up in another Range Rover and stopped at the bottom of Dogger Bank and walked through the wetness to collect me. It was sad driving through Mitford, looking at the amount of sad faces and flooded houses. It wasn’t a nice thing to be in. No serious damage was made, just wet grounds. HARRIET LARSEN-BROWN, 11 Chantry Middle School

MY name is Jessica Venters and I think it is an outrage that the flood defences have been cut. You know the north east is bad for flooding. We need this. I think you should stop wasting money on things like MPs’ houses that they don’t even live in. In 2008 many people in the area around Northumberland lost their houses due to flooding. Still, after many months, people had not been able to move back into their homes. I want something done. What will happen next time it happens and there is nothing to prevent it? JESSICA VENTERS Chantry Middle School

WE have recently been informed that you will not be going ahead with the river barriers. We strongly disagree with your decision and state you should change your mind instantly. I myself did not get affected by the recent, but awful floods, but I do understand people’s heartbreak as they watched their homes disappear. I myself also understand the anger and disappointment at your truly woeful decision. I support the Morpeth Herald’s protest as much as anybody who has been affected. Can you imagine the scared emotion on our poor citizens’ faces as every time it rains they look out the window and see the river rising? Please take into full consideration your choice as I almost find it selfish that you have chosen to use the money when twice as much is paid at the recovery of the houses. Surely this will shorten Britain’s money in the long run. Take in this letter sensibly and put into full effect what I have stated. BEN SAMPSON Chantry Middle School

I AM from Chantry Middle School and I would like to inform you that we need the anti-flood scheme to go ahead. Two years ago here in Morpeth over 1,000 homes were affected by the floods. The atmosphere here was really bad and people are frightened in case it happens again. Please think carefully before you refuse us. It could well cost the Government a lot more to fix the damage from the floods than stopping the floods in the first place. LUIS GUSTAVO TAKIGUCHI Chantry Middle School

ALL of my class have heard that Morpeth is not to have flood defences. We strongly protest against this. It is vital to have the money for this. If it happens again, hundreds more properties can be damaged and more people will have to move out into rented accommodation. We CANNOT afford for this to happen again. It is very unfair that we have not been able to prevent the floods from happening again. It is putting people’s homes and possessions at risk. In that one day over one month’s worth of rain fell. It took many people over two-and-a-half hours to get back to their homes. The water was so bad that people had to desert their cars in the middle of the road. And many people would come back to their homes with no cars. We need the funding for this. We need it not to happen again. ANNA CHRISTITI Chantry Middle School

MY name is Isabella Howey and I am writing to complain about the floods in Morpeth. I am OUTRAGED that you are not building or investing in any flood defences for Morpeth. You should know by now that Morpeth is very prone to floods and is very likely to flood again in the future. These floods can kill and most of all destroy homes and families. For example, in the last floods a dog was killed and this is appalling and upsetting to the family that the dog was owned by. I hope you invest in this and take on what I have written to you. ISABELLA HOWEY Chantry Middle School

I’VE decided to join your campaign for the Morpeth flood defences system. I’m supporting the project with, I am sure, plenty more people. It would be a shambles if this scheme would not work. People’s lives have been disturbed. It took at least six months to get people back in their homes. It quite concerns me that you (Government) don’t care about people. Thank you for your time. JOE RAMSHAW Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to tell you that me and my citizenship group strongly protest that the Government may cut the budget for building strong flood defences. My Auntie’s house was flooded and she had to live with us. The furniture she managed to save had to be stored in my bedroom. I could hardly move for her sofa. When it rains now the River Wansbeck fills up quickly. I think it is essential that flood defences are built as soon as possible. Can you imagine what it must be like when rain falls for unstable or elderly citizens? They are terrified and safety barriers would calm them. Please may we have flood defence. BETHANY Chantry Middle School

I’M writing to you in support of the Morpeth flood defences going ahead. If you don’t and another flood happens you would have to support the people by donating. If you help you will prevent people having to watch their houses being drowned by the flood. Imagine moving your possessions upstairs in a race against the increasing flood water, then having to watch contaminated water totally ruin your prized possessions. THOMAS METCALFE Chantry Middle School

OUR citizenship lessons have taught me that I have a voice to speak my opinion and to protest peacefully. I think that the people of Morpeth should have flood protection schemes because lots of people lost their homes and had a horrible experience on September 6, 2008. They should not have to go through this again. It is just not right. Our class has just watched a video of the devastating floods and what the places looked like before and after. Hundreds of people were evacuated, many were not able to live in their homes for a while. Over 1,000 properties flooded in the worst floods since records began. KELSEY PERCY Chantry Middle School

I AM Sam Mavin and I am from Chantry Middle School and I think it is absolutely shocking that the Government is cutting that massive sum of money because it is such a good cause and it devastated people’s lives when the flood hit. I can remember there was so much water. My Nana and Granda were walking the dog down near the river and they took a video and showed me the video and it was like the rapids all the way down. There were cars floating down the river and so many people were out of their homes for ages. I think it is shocking that they are going to cut that much money. It could help people so they should. SAM MAVIN Chantry Middle School

IN my citizenship lessons I have been taught that I have a voice to speak my opinion and I strongly protest about not giving us money to build defences in case the flood happens again. I watched a video from YouTube about the flood and I really don’t think that the people who were affected by the flood would want to witness the flood again. It was over one month’s rainfall that fell in Morpeth on September 6, 2008, and over 1,000 properties were flooded, leaving hundreds of people to be evacuated. So I strongly agree on your campaign and want you to keep on going until we get what we want. MATTHEW EKE Chantry Middle School

I AM Isla Greenhaugh and I am a citizen of Morpeth. I am absolutely disgraced at the situation. Think of all the people that lost their homes. Would you really want that to happen again to them? If you get floods defences nothing will happen again. Lots of people I know got affected and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. I really think you should make more of an effort to help these people. After all, if you help them they will help you more. ISLA GREENHAUGH Chantry Middle School

ME and my classmates highly protest at the Government’s lack of sympathy towards the thousands of people who lost their homes and possessions on September 6, 2008. We believe it is right to get flood defence schemes so if this awful weather happens again the flooding will not happen. The floods we had damaged over 1,000 properties and hundreds of people were evacuated. My Mum was Castle Morpeth Housing’s Chairman at the time and she had to go around and visit everyone in the properties that the company owned and apologise. The Royal family came to visit and they had the deepest sympathy for us. If the Government felt this way this would not happen again. The rivers should not be flooding again. It is an injustice if we do not get the schemes. CHARLOTTE FLOOD Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to inform you that the Government has cut the flood defences. This is disgraceful because if it floods again we will be in deep trouble. It will just flood again. Lots of people living near the river are very worried every time it rains in case it happens again. Loads of people could be affected because if it floods again they will have to pay out of their own pocket and lots of people can’t afford that. DANIEL FREEDMAN Chantry Middle School

WE are writing to inform you that we are strongly recommending the anti-flood campaign. If you didn’t know already, over 1,000 houses were destroyed and a library was ruined. I disapprove of you not giving us any money to protect our town from floods because it would cost you more in the long run. PAUL CAISLEY and EWAN MORRISON Chantry Middle School

I STRONGLY disagree with the Government proposals to scrap the idea of the Morpeth flood defences as over one day one month’s rainfall fell in Morpeth. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated and could not move into their homes for months. Thousands of pounds was spent just so families could replace their furniture and homes. Thousands of people need these defences or their life will be ruined again. Also you are putting hundreds of lives at stake without those defences. PLEASE help us fight the floods. JAKE THOMPSON Chantry Middle School

OVER one month’s rain fell on Morpeth in 2008. Too many have been taken out of their homes and many won’t be able to go back to their homes for months. Over 1,000 buildings have been flooded in the worst floods since records began. In the future please build better defences. It will save many homes. You know you have the money. The Government has the money, but they don’t care enough to prevent this happening again. This can’t happen again. Please continue your campaign. MATTHEW RIGG Chantry Middle School

MY citizenship lessons have taught me that I have the right to complain about my opinion of injustice that this happened. I will gladly help you stop the stop of funding for the Morpeth flood defences as we have just watched a video about the horrors of the flood. Please keep helping to stop this injustice. If you don’t succeed at first please keep trying to help us and the thousands of people who have been made homeless. Please continue your campaign. DANIELLE FENWICK Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to inform you that we want the Morpeth flood defences to go forward to stop flooding in the future. In 2008 1,000 homes got damaged and hundreds of people got moved to different places for many months. If you build the flood defences they will cost you less in compensation if it happened again. ALEX Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to tell you about the Northumberland floods affecting Morpeth and Stannington. Here is my story. One day I was staying over at my grandparents’ when I heard on the news that Morpeth river was getting dangerously high and before you knew it it was now a flood. That night my Dad stayed with us at my grandparents’ because he lived right beside the river, but of course my Grandma was up Morpeth bank safe and sound. My Mum had to move to her boyfriend’s with our cat for the night because she was at risk too. The next morning I went back home to check my house. Gladly, it was fine, but my Mum said that it had gone up to the gate yesterday, but must have went down. It turns out that my friend’s kitchen, my Dad’s whole house and Great Auntie’s house had been flooded though. I felt so sorry for them, but thankfully they were ok. So please, please help anybody who was or is affected by a flood. KATIE FLINT, 11 Chantry Middle School

DUE to Morpeth flooding on September 6, 2008, and the damage caused by it, I am writing to request funding to stop this happening again. I’m sure you are aware of the constant worry residents must feel, anxious in case Morpeth were to flood again. The traumatic memory must haunt them with every heavy rainfall. Therefore we would like to provide them the reassurance they need, but we need your help to go forward with this. We would appreciate it greatly if you were to provide flood defences. RACHEL DONALDSON Chantry Middle School

I AM really upset about the flood defence cuts as the 2008 Morpeth floods meant I could not ride my horses. The fields flooded and the horses were very distressed. I got left behind on my training for the October hunter trials and the Christmas shows. I think there should be a flood defence plan for Morpeth in case of the river breaking its banks again. JESSICA FATHERLEY Chantry Middle School

I AM Ellie and I am very shocked that the defences were cut after the floods. The Government should be spending money on stuff we need, not wasting thousands of pounds on stuff that we don’t need. The people who were affected by the flood should get the money that they need to refurnish their homes and they should have been ready for the floods. ELLIE Chantry Middle School

I HAVE just been watching clips from the Morpeth floods in September 2008 and I think it is atrocious how you won’t fund our flood defences. Over 1,000 families have been affected. This is an experience which will haunt them forever; they need reassuring. Think if every time it was a heavy rainfall you had to put piles of sandbags next to your door, you panicked and started carrying valuable things upstairs. Spare these innocent people anxiety and worry. This town is calling for a flood defence. Please, have some heart. ROSE MCLEAN Chantry Middle School

I AM a pupil of Chantry Middle School. I am writing here today to inform you that it’s terrible that there is a decrease of 27 percent. The Government said that any scheme can go ahead in the future. In the north east of England we were hit badly. The next time the flood comes we will not be prepared. SAM CAMPBELL Chantry Middle School

MY name is Matthew John Oxley. I live in Morpeth and I was affected in the Morpeth floods of 2008. I was only 11 at the time. I remember it very well. I think that new flood defences would be good, however I still don’t see why many schemes have been and will have to be cancelled. MATTHEW OXLEY Chantry Middle School

I AM a pupil at Chantry Middle School. I witnessed the floods, which could have easily been prevented. Please understand how traumatic this is for the flooded. FRASER GASCOIGNE Chantry Middle School

MY name is Molly Macdonald. I am 13 and I attend Chantry Middle and I am OUTRAGED with the flood of Morpeth. Many, many people have lost their homes and there is not much being done about it. I am not very happy about the floods of Morpeth and when this was going on there was not much before to help it stop. I was not affected by the floods, but I do know people that where and I am not very happy because their houses and living situations were terrible. MOLLY MACDONALD Chantry Middle School

I AM absolutely appalled that you would even think about cutting the flood defence money, never mind actually putting it into action. Yes, the recession was in full swing, but seriously you should have kept at least some money to spend on the flood defence budget. When floods happen most people have to stay inside and most people get very distressed and kids get bored. And animals may drown. This is a very serious matter here. I think you should raise some money or something. HOLLIE ELLIOTT Chantry Middle School

OUR citizenship lessons have taught me that I have a voice to speak my opinion and to protest peacefully. I feel that an injustice will occur if funding previously agreed for the Morpeth flood defences does not go ahead. We have watched some terrible video footage of the Morpeth floods to remind us of what a horrible time it was suffered by those who lost their homes and were evacuated on September 6, 2008, when over a month’s worth of rain fell on one day. So please carry on with your amazing protest. THEO GAVOGHAN Chantry Middle School

OUR citizenship lessons have taught us that I have a voice to speak my opinion and to protest peacefully. I feel that an injustice will occur if funding, previously agreed, for the Morpeth flood defences does not go ahead. We have recently watched some footage of the devastating floods to remind us just what a horrible experience was suffered by people in over a thousand homes. Please continue your campaign. MELISSA BAMFORD Chantry Middle School

IN citizenship we watched a video about the floods in Morpeth and it was dreadful seeing all of the terrible floods again. On September 6, 2008, that was when it all happened. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes. Lots of people I know were flooded and a club I go to that my Dad runs was flooded and it took a long time for them all to get home. There were over 1,000 properties flooded. Over one month’s rainfall fell. Please continue your brilliant funding. ROSS WATSON Chantry Middle School

I AM Jonty McGorie from Chantry Middle School to join your campaign. I am outraged about this cut so I would like to protest against it. One of my friends was hit by the flood. He was Matthew Oxley. He lost his chocolate shop and his home was wrecked, and a little dog lost his life so I was deeply sorry for it. So I am going to campaign against the cuts to flood defences. JONTY MCGORIE Chantry Middle School

OUR citizenship lessons have taught me and my classmates that I have my own opinion. I personally protest against the Government for not giving us defences against the floods if they ever occur again. My class and me have just watched a video to remind us of the devastating floods that happened not so long ago. Over one month’s rainfall fell in Morpeth on September 6, 2008. Hundreds had to be evacuated, many could not live in their homes for months. Over 1,000 properties flooded in the worst floods since records began. KERRY PARK Chantry Middle School

I STRONGLY disagree about reconsidering spending money on Morpeth’s flood fund as over 1,000 homes were trashed and destroyed by the floods of September 2008. I am disappointed about the reconsideration of the flood funds, not getting your help and respect for the town. As the floods took, one of my classmate’s Grandad’s house was destroyed by the floods and two years on his Grandad died, knowing his house had not been re-made because there is no respect for the people or citizens of Morpeth from having their house and home destroyed by the rushing and destructible structure of the floods. I and over a million others ask for your help. PLEASE help Morpeth and its citizens fight the floods. MASTER JACK MCKENZIE Chantry Middle School

I UNDERSTAND from my citizenship lessons that I have the right to protest peacefully. Morpeth was not defended enough when the floods came and thousands of families were rescued from their ruined homes. To prevent this from happening again we need flood defences because due to climate change, floods are bigger and more frequent. Please consider my view on behalf of the affected families. Please fund the flood defences. RACHEL MACKEY Chantry Middle School

FACTS about this terrible, devastating incident: Over one month’s rainfall fell in Morpeth on September 6, 2008. Hundreds have been evacuated, many will not be able to live in their homes for months. Over 1,000 properties flooded in the worst floods since records began. I strongly agree with you as the climate is changing so we need flood defences. Our citizenship lessons have taught me that I have a voice to speak my opinion and to protest peacefully. I feel that an injustice will occur if funding, previously agreed, for the Morpeth flood defences does not go ahead. ELLIE DODDS Chantry Middle School

LAST year some homes were still recovering from the Morpeth floods. This year hopefully all of the flooded houses are back in full condition. Now when the river rises, or when it rains, the people of Morpeth are so worried. If you put flood defences up it would make a great difference. Just think, would you like to be flooded and if you could do something about it would you do it? Please help the people of Morpeth. BETHANY ATKINS Chantry Middle School

I AM Molly Simm and I am so upset about the 2008 Morpeth flood. I can’t believe how much damage this flood has brought to this friendly town. Many children have experienced a disaster that they would always remember. And now to think that you might just cut the flood defence budget, well I am quite appalled. I know that we are in recession, but we should really be concentrating on spending money on resources that we need to protect the people who have made the decision to live here. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you take everything I said into account. MOLLY SIMM Chantry Middle School

MY name is Amy Sneddon and I am appalled at the fact that you would even think of cutting the flood defence budget. 2008 wasn’t a great year for the UK with the recession in full swing, I understand that, but there should have been more money for things we really need instead of buying MPs duck houses. Elderly people I know were stuck indoors for a long time and that is distressing for ill people, and at their age as well. Mum couldn’t get the kids to school and it was truly shocking. AMY SNEDDON Chantry Middle School

I AM Ewan Morrison, a citizen of Morpeth town, and I would like to join your campaign to get money for future flood defences. My memories of the flood are horrific and I would like to forget them, but it is impossible. There was a little dog that got swept away with the currents and unfortunately drowned. A little girl got swept away, but her Dad rescued her just in time. EWAN MORRISON Chantry Middle School

IN our PSHE lessons at school we have been looking at some video footage of the last floods in Morpeth and think it would be awful if the plans for the flood defence system don’t go ahead as agreed. We have also heard some people’s stories from the flood and how they spent vast amounts of money on rebuilding their homes. Just think how you would feel seeing the river gradually get higher and closer to your house, knowing that it could flood at any minute. If Morpeth floods again it could get a lot worse and people, old people in particular, could get seriously injured or even killed. So please reconsider this tragic change of mind. If you go and spend the money on our flood defences you will be able to think of all the people whose lives and houses have been saved by the defences. NAOMI LANE Chantry Middle School

I FULLY agree with your claim that we should get some flood barriers. Think of all the families that were affected by the flood. Those families will now pay thousands of pounds just to get their homes back. On September 6, 2008, Morpeth was flooded. Over 1,000 properties were damaged, one month’s rainfall fell in one day. My Dad’s shop is right next to the river. When it rains the river gets very high. My Mum gets scared because if the shop floods we might not get any money. Please help us because my family and many others really, really need your help to save people and get the flood barriers. SAM Chantry Middle School

I AM writing to you because I am appalled at the mass of money that has been taken from the people that need it most at this time and who have been badly affected by the floods. Some people even lost their homes and precious objects and pictures, plus memories of people they love. My friends and family are some of the thousands of people that have to get help and insurance. I strongly believe the council is not doing enough for people that are losing their livelihoods and family memories. I believe you should get this sorted fast. VICKY DODDS Chantry Middle School

MORPETH is a nice place to live. We do not want houses flooded. Bridges have to be built to prevent the Wansbeck river flooding. Lives could be lost. Tens of thousands would be injured. Imagine if your house was flooded and you had no family members to stay with. All hotels were full with people whose houses were flooded. If it was late in the night and everywhere was flooded where would you sleep? You would have nowhere to go. People are suffering. They need your help. Please do something about it. PLEASE. JESSE LAMPTEY Chantry Middle School