Flood fact-finding mission makes its way to Morpeth

LESSONS learnt from Morpeth’s floods are spreading across the North Sea.

Danish firefighter Ole Hermansen has visited the town on a fact-finding mission to discover how Northumberland tackles flooding.

Mr Hermansen works for the Frederikssund-Halsnaes Fire and Rescue Service in the north of Denmark, which had to deal with severe flooding in December.

And local firefighters were happy to show the visitor the equipment and techniques used in the county.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service Project Manager Rob Stacey, who helped to co-ordinate the visit, said: “We’ve got a long-standing relationship with our Danish colleagues, formed through working on various projects, from risk assessments to tackling wildfires.

“Having experienced flooding ourselves in recent years, we were happy to share our best practice.

“Ole was impressed with our flooding plans and the equipment we have for responding to these kind of conditions. We also took him out to Morpeth to see the new flood defences and the area which had been affected when the river burst.”

Mr Hermansen said: “In Frederikssund-Halsnaes we experienced some serious flooding in December 2013 and we realised we need to improve the way we plan for and respond to similar flooding incidents in the future.

“During my short visit to Northumberland, I have learnt a lot and will be taking lots of ideas home to discuss with my colleagues.

“In particular, I have been very impressed with the Flood Action Plans for Northumberland, the flood warning system and how the public are warned of developing flooding incidents, and the equipment and training for swift-water rescue.”