FLOODING: Pasture may not recover

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I would like to echo the concerns of MJ Horton regarding the flood alleviation scheme on Morpeth Common, (Morpeth Herald, May 3).

The council says that it had a public consultation, but the only consultation I am aware of was the open day in the Town Hall, where plans for the scheme were presented as a done deal.

No apparent prior consultation or discussion with residents living around this part of the Common was undertaken.

The letter-writer is quite correct to say that useful information relayed to the council at the open day by local residents was brushed aside.

Consequently, at a huge cost of local taxpayers’ money, we now have an eyesore on this part of the Common, with a large pool of stagnant water where well-used pathways have been rendered impassable or obliterated, and where the next rainfall will turn the area once again into a quagmire.

We wait with interest for the proposed field drainage layout to fix this problem, though I fear this previously pleasant open pasture, which was enjoyed by all users, will never return to its former glory.

P Briggs

Crawhall Crescent