Forging a faster link to world

A NEW deal has been struck to bring faster internet access to schools and community buildings across Northumberland.

BT has signed a five-year contract with Northumberland County Council to deliver cost savings and faster internet speeds to schools, libraries and fire stations through the advanced Public Services Network (PSN).

The deal will see BT Global Services continue to provide the council with NorthNet, which supports its own IT services and those of schools, health centres and emergency services.

BT’s existing partnership with the authority has already generated £860,000 of savings and the new deal is expected to deliver further benefits, including upgrading the existing council network.

BT President Global Government Neil Rogers said: “This partnership has already delivered financial savings and operational efficiencies for Northumberland County Council and the addition of new technologies such as high speed fibre network access and PSN ready connectivity will allow the council to continue to meet the challenge of providing high-quality services across geographically remote areas.

“We are confident that BT will continue to provide huge benefits both for the council and for those in areas which previously suffered with limited connectivity.”