Forums join forces to help abuse victims

A NEW group for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence will link up with others to ensure countywide support.

The forum has been set up to replace the independent North Northumberland Domestic Abuse Forum and will tie in with other groups that were formed in the west and south east of the county last year.

All three will be governed by Safer Northumberland’s multi-agency Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence thematic group.

Chairman Ian Billham said: “It is excellent that we now have the three domestic abuse and sexual violence forums established in Northumberland as they are extremely important in not only supporting what we intend to do centrally to tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence, but also ensuring that localised incentives are developed and implemented.”

The forums will offer a range of services, including the Cease 24 scheme, which provides direct support to victims, and the provision of safe houses.

A new work plan is also being developed.

For more information about the forums contact co-ordinator Morris Winning on 01670 534705. For advice or support contact Cease 24 on 01665 606881.