Fresh plans for large home to go before inspector

An appeal has been lodged against a decision to turn down a revised housing bid in Morpeth.

The new proposal by architect John Hare for a two-bedroom property at Low Wood, off Pottery Bank, was submitted after a previous application for a three-storey, three-bedroom home was dismissed by Northumberland County Council and the decision was upheld by a planning inspector.

The building in the latest bid is smaller than the first and it would be set further back from the road. Hedging would be re-planted and windows have been designed to avoid overlooking.

But a group of local residents and Morpeth Town Council objected again as they did not believe that the changes went far enough and county council planning officers then ruled by delegated decision that the development would spoil the street scene and impair the privacy and prospect of neighbours.

Pottery Bank resident Maureen Davison said: “We objectors were fully expecting the re-submission appeal and we are in the process of finalising our written representation to the Planning Inspectorate, in which we will be asking for a presence if the inspector’s visit is to be accompanied.

“Naturally, we are saddened that Mr Hare has chosen to pursue his development plans so ruthlessly, regardless of consequence to neighbours and the impact on character and the green entrance to town.

“With 725 sustainable homes currently proposed for North Morpeth, we will hardly be suffering a shortage of housing here and there are existing permissions on a brownfield site for a two and a three bedroomed home next to Bolland Nursery.”