Fumes fears for kids

A MORPETH headteacher has spoken of her fears that increased Morpeth congestion could have an impact on children’s health.

Elaine Reay, who is head of Morpeth First School in Goosehill, next to the new signals, spoke out at a public meeting last week.

She said she has noticed that it is taking longer for her to get to work each morning and she is aware of the impact on businesses from a decline in custom that has been blamed on the lights.

However, her main concern is for her pupils’ health and the effects of fumes.

“There is always traffic coming down from Stobhill. I have listened to a lot of politicians and people talking about the business, but when will you consider the children who are the community of this town?,” she said.

“I see the queues all day. I have got 150 children in that yard. The pollution that these children must be suffering now is really worrying me. Please consider the children.”

Coun Andrew Tebbutt said the concerns will be addressed: “I take the point about Goosehill School and the reaction to the fumes.

“That needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency.”