Fun and games for all at party

The Christmas Party at Hepscott W.I.
The Christmas Party at Hepscott W.I.

Hepscott WI

THE Christmas Party at Hepscott W.I. was an evening of fun and games with plenty of time to chat.

In a moment of genius, the committee decided to create its own entertainment.

This would take the form of old-fashioned ‘Parlour Games’ enjoyed in our childhood.

With Christmas music playing gently in the background, and who could resist joining in, the atmosphere was set. Each table of ladies became a team and the fun began.

Margery Tate and Jean Dickson gave us a dramatic rendering of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, and the ongoing competition was to make as many words as possible from the title.

With brains in overdrive, one team managed to make 200 words.

The titles of carols were solved from curious clues, a Father Christmas Beetle Drive encouraged the artists among us, a Christmas Advert Quiz showed who watched television most and, amid much hilarity, teams competed to make the longest paper chain.

True to the spirit of the evening, the winning team won the ‘Oh WI, you spoil us’ variety of chocolate.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be the WI without a mention of seasonal craft and Margaret Trotman displayed the delightful hessian Nativity scene she had made.

It was a very successful and enjoyable evening to end 2013.

At the January meeting we revert to a topic of a more serious nature when Julie Porksen will speak about Women in International Development.

The meeting will take place in the Village Hall on Tuesday, January 21, at 7.30pm, and visitors will be made very welcome.