Funding boost for young

A SCHEME to help Morpeth youngsters has received a £200 funding boost.

Choysez works with young people across the county who have become disengaged with mainstream education and offers them alternative learning support.

The organisation applied for a grant from Morpeth Town Council to support its work with youngsters in the area.

Members of the authority’s Finance and General Purposes Committee heard last week that Choysez organises programmes and activities for young people from the town and helps them to gain NVQs and other qualifications, while local police officers are also involved in talking to groups about crime and disorder issues.

Coun Derek Thompson said: “As someone who ran a school for disruptive people for 15 years I have got to back this. These people do one of the hardest jobs in education, really helping young people. I think they deserve our help and encouragement. There are Morpeth children involved and my instinct is to back them and help them with their very important work in keeping kids off the streets.”

Mayor Mark Horton asked if the organisation was involved with other youth projects, but was told that it targets specific children, aged seven to 16, and provides a different service.

The committee agreed unanimously to award a £200 grant.

Chairman David Parker said: “It is very important work.”