FUNDING: Giving hope for town museum

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In an average month, I probably visit the Chantry now more than Morpeth Library, one of the spin-offs from the significant alteration of the library’s opening hours some time ago.

As a valuable historical building, it is easier to change activities or usage of the Chantry than to use new arts funding to build there.

Hopefully, the new arts funding gives hope for the supporters of a Morpeth Museum and people who remember Morpeth library as it was.

So out of the funding will come a deliverable vision for the arts in Morpeth, not just, however, for 2017, but for 2018 and beyond?

The county council’s animal welfare team hopefully will be working with the town council to promote its Green Dog Walkers scheme, which tries to combat the passive acceptance of the problems caused by thoughtless dog owners.

The aim must be to use the significant percentage of dog owners who always clean up after their dog to help educate those who don’t.

The problem has been around for decades, but it has always been resolvable.

l Car drivers who leave their engine running for a period of time tend to think more about their reason for doing so than the affect of their action on air pollution.

It is interesting to read that certain local authorities are taking action against car drivers who let their car ‘idle’ for more than a specific time outside a school, for example when dropping someone off and having a last-minute conversation.

It is interesting in that if certain cars cause a regular problem there are other ways to approach the driver.

Drivers’ attitudes to the risk of a fine will, of course, depend on the likelihood of enforcement.

It will be interesting to see if Northumberland County Council is looking at this issue as the areas around schools tend to have a variety of car-generated problems at the start and the end of the school day.

l I use the local buses seven days a week on a variety of routes. I continue to be impressed by the calm politeness of the bus drivers during often stressful situations caused by traffic problems, for example.

In an ideal world, you would like it to be feasible to have buses running to and from Rothbury and Cramlington as regularly as Morpeth to Ashington, given the economic boost it would create.

However, it’s often more feasible to improve things for the bus driver and passengers alike through smaller scale changes, which could be raised by residents, local councils and the bus companies working together.

Adjusting the locations of the bus stops next to and across the road from a certain McCarthy and Stone development in Alnwick, just up from the Playhouse, wouldn’t be that expensive, but would provide positive benefits to residents and visitors to The Alnwick Garden.

In other parts of the county people will look at other bus stops and think “what would happen if...?”

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue