Further success for clean-up day initiative

Dozens of people helped to clear litter and other waste items in an area of Pegswood on a Saturday morning.
Dozens of people helped to clear litter and other waste items in an area of Pegswood on a Saturday morning.

The second Big Clean event in a Northumberland village was as productive as the first.

Pegswood Parish Council and Pegswood Community Action (PCA) volunteers cleared a large amount of litter and other waste items at the Colliery Rows on a Saturday morning.

The organisations had discussed what could be learned from the previous event and they decided that six skips would be provided by Sanders Waste Management.

These were placed around the estate first thing in the morning and all six were filled by the time they were picked up shortly after 11am.

Residents really got into the spirit of the event, helping each other move larger items and going around knocking on doors to remind neighbours that they could benefit from the skips.

The parish council thanked the PCA and the residents who took part for their efforts. Discussions are now going to take place to see what will work best across the rest of the village.

Once a decision is reached, residents can expect to see a leaflet through the door with times and dates.

Chair of the environment group on the authority, Paul Williams, said: “The first event on the Cookswell Estate was a great success and many residents elsewhere in the village have been asking ‘when is this coming to us?’

“The Colliery Rows was selected as the second area and it has had the impact we’d hoped for as many families were ready for when the skips arrived.

“To provide this service to the village’s residents is a really visible and quite simple way to help improve the local environment and to help some residents directly.”

He added that there has been quite a lot of positive feedback from people living in the Colliery Rows.

While the PCA and parish council volunteers will be at these next events, they would very much welcome help on the days.

If you would like to get involved and make a positive impact on the village’s environment, call the parish council office on 01670 514299 or email office@pegswood-pc-gov.uk