Fusilier comes to teen’s aid as she had seizure

Michael Yon in Iraq in 2005.
Michael Yon in Iraq in 2005.

The mother of a teenager has thanked a fusilier who helped save her daughter when she had a fit in a supermarket.

Fusiliers Michael Yon and Daniel Swales, who are part of Z Coy Fifth Fusiliers, based in Cramlington, called into Sainsbury’s in Morpeth where they saw Caitlyn Foltz having a seizure.

“We were on our way to a recruiting event in Morpeth and stopped to buy lunch,” said Michael.

“We saw a young girl having a very serious fit in the aisle.

“She had hit her head and so I went over and relaxed her enough to get her into the recovery position.

“We ensured an ambulance was called.”

When the ambulance arrived to tend to the 14-year-old, the two Fusiliers left – but did not leave their names.

Caitlyn’s mum, Claire Foltz, of Stobhill, said: “I visited the store to say thanks to them and that’s when they mentioned the main help was from two guys in combats with feathers.

“I spent ages trying to find the two of them especially the main one that helped.”

After watching CCTV footage Claire contacted the cadets to track down the two Fusiliers, and eventually made contact with the battalion.

“I watched the CCTV and they really came in and took charge,” she said.

“They made a significant difference to her.

“I’ve thanked the Sainsbury’s staff and very keen to thank Michael Yon as I think it could of been much worse if it was not for him he really was amazing.”

Michael, who had recently attended a first aid training course with Z Coy, said: “I didn’t think I had done anything special so I didn’t think to leave my name.

“Anyone who could have done the same, would have.

“I’m really happy I was able to help.”