Gadgets on display at meeting

Morpeth Inner Wheel

On Tuesday, January 7, members came together for the first meeting of the year.

After a tasty supper of fish and chips at the Waterford hotel, President Margaret Miller introduced Mrs Joyce Anderson of Morpeth to talk about the work done to help the partially sighted.

Joyce herself is partially sighted but leads an independent life and she explained to members how this has come about.

She demonstrated some wonderful gadgets that assist her, including a talking watch, a talking kitchen and specialist bathroom scales.

An amazing colour detector speaks to her if she wishes to be colour co-ordinated.

On the following Friday, the branch held a World International Inner Wheel Day event at the home of Mrs Dorothy Glass.

Members enjoyed a lunch of soup and desserts.

This effort was to help raise money for some of their chosen charities and give toiletries as gifts to the Women’s Refuge.