Gardening plans for park bank take root

Morpeth Lions Club

Saturday, 25th May 2019, 13:08 pm
Lion Chris with one of the new crab apple trees

Spring is here and Morpeth Lions Club is continuing to enhance a woodland bank in the town’s Carlisle Park Garden, which was inspired by William Turner — the father of English Botany.

The club planted 40 trees and 12 fruit bushes on the bank in 2012 to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

Northumbria in Bloom Judges put the final touches to the planting.

All of the trees on the bank, including quince, medlar, almond and the strawberry tree, are featured in William Turner’s Herbal —the pioneering work which this famous son of Morpeth wrote between 1551 and 1568.

This spring the Carlisle Park staff and the Lions have continued to bring about improvements to the woodland bank.

As a first stage, work started on clearing away overgrown areas, which were stopping views into parts of the site.

However, this left some gaps in the woodland areas.

To fill these gaps two malus sylvestris, commonly known as crab apple trees, were planted. The crab apple tree originated in the British Isles and is mentioned in William Turner’s writings.

The planting took place on judging day for Northumbria in Bloom.

The Lion Club’s Environment Officer Chris Offord, took the opportunity to ask the judges to help place the final soil covering on one of the trees.

In addition, Lion Chris was on hand to explain the club’s work in the William Turner Garden.