Get ready to vote in European elections

Voting takes place next week in the European Parliamentary Election.

Polling stations will be open across Northumberland on Thursday, May 22 for people to cast their votes between 7am and 10pm. Three Members will be elected for the North East. The candidates are:

An Independence from Europe: Sherri Forbes, Nawal Hizan, Mary Forbes. British National Party: Martin Vaughan, Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brooke, Peter Foreman. Conservative Party: Martin Callanan, Ben Houchen, Andrew Lee. English Democrats: Kevin Riddiough, Sam Kelly, John Lewis. Green Party: Shirley Ford, Alison Whalley, Caroline Robinson. Labour Party: Jude Kirton-Darling, Paul Brannen, Jayne Shotton. Liberal Democrats: Angelika Schneider, Owen Temple, Christian Vassie. UK Independence Party: Jonathan Arnott, Richard Elvin, Phillip Broughton.