Globe-trotter Peter gets his stripes

(L-R) Peter Wallum receives his 25 year chevron from Morpeth Lions Club President Chris Offord.  .
(L-R) Peter Wallum receives his 25 year chevron from Morpeth Lions Club President Chris Offord. .

A COMMUNITY conscious Morpeth resident has clocked up three decades of service at a local organisation — but some of the group may struggle to recognise him.

Peter Wallum has finally been presented with a 25-year membership chevron by Morpeth Lions Club.

But despite joining the group almost 30 years ago, many fellow Lions can count on one hand the number of times they have met him.

However, there is good reason for his absence, thanks to his globe-trotting adventures.

Mr Wallam joined the club while working in the British Virgin Islands and for many years he worked in the Philippines as a Senior Projects Economist for the Asia Development Bank.

He retired from the post last year, but now splits his time between his home country of Sweden and Morpeth, the home town of his wife Jennifer.

And he still travels to the Philippines as a volunteer with his wife’s EVA Charity Foundation.

Mrs Wallum set up the organisation following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, which displaced many of the indigenous Aeta tribe.

The charity aims to provide education and training opportunities for the Aeta, and when Mr Wallum brought it to the attention of the Lions almost 20 years ago the club joined forces with Newminster Middle School to raise £1,500 to build and equip a school.

The Morpeth Aeta School has since been enlarged and to date the charity has established 44 schools throughout the volcano affected area, with help from Morpeth churches and All Saints and Morpeth First Schools.

Mrs Wallum was awarded the MBE in 1999 for her work, but her husband could now be catching up as the Lions were presented with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the equivalent of the OBE, last year.

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