Go greener and improve your garden as well

HOUSEHOLDERS across the county can go greener and help improve their gardens at the same time under a new initiative.

Northumberland County Council is working in partnership with evengreener.com to offer low cost compost bins to residents at prices from as little as £15 for a 220-litre compost converter or £18 for a 330-litre model, with a special offer of buy one, get another half price.

Composting is a cost effective and natural process that transforms kitchen and garden waste into a valuable resource.

It produces a nutrient-rich food product for the garden, which keeps the soil’s PH balance in check and helps to improve soil structure, maintain moisture levels and suppress plant disease.

More than a third of household related waste is made up of organic material which can be composted. This includes grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, unwanted plants, fruit and vegetable peelings and even tea bags.

Coun Alan Thompson, the Executive member responsible for waste management at Northumberland County Council, said: “It is simple to do and once you get started, you will be surprised at just how much daily household waste can be recycled this way.”

There are two ways for residents to get hold of special offer compost bins.

• A pre-paid voucher can be exchanged for a 330-litre compost bin at a choice of 12 household waste recovery centres across Northumberland. You cannot pay for compost bins at the centres, they must be pre-ordered.

• A full range of composters and accessories, together with wormeries and water butts, can be ordered online and delivered to your home with a one-off charge for each order.

Full details of these special offers are available at www.getcomposting.com or telephone 0845 130 6090.

Residents who would like to have their garden waste collected from their kerbside for composting can also sign up to the council’s kerbside garden waste scheme.

There is further information about the scheme and other advice on composting and waste and recycling issues in Northumberland at www.northumberland.gov.uk/waste