Groups come together to put their knowledge to the test

Morpeth Rotary Club

Tuesday, 27th February 2018, 1:54 pm
The winning team from Morpeth Inner Wheel Shona Ritchie, June Hudspith, Vivien Scott and Suzanne Hamnett, being presented with the silver salver by Rotary President Peter Scott, at the Three-Way Quiz.

An exciting and stimulating general knowledge contest was hosted by Morpeth Rotary Club between teams of four from the town’s Lions, Inner Wheel and Rotary.

Question master was Alan Barron, with the music round by John Pringle.

The rounds were very general, covering geography and barcodes, Alexander Armstrong, Chekhov and breeds of spaniel, Churchill’s Nobel Prize and Megan Markle. Round 5 featured themes from radio and TV.

The final rounds to be counted were the ‘pictures of places’, and dingbats.

The Inner Wheel team of Shona Ritchie, June Hudspith, Captain Vivien Scott and Suzanne Hamnett had the highest score in every round and were declared winners. They were presented with the silver salver by Rotary President Peter Scott.

The final scores were Lions 48, Inner Wheel 49 and Rotary 46.

The President toasted all three organisations and expressed a wish to continue to work together to support the community and fund-raise.