Have your say on council proposal

The views of residents are wanted over a potential new local authority in the county.

A 191-name petition signed by people living in Linton was received some months ago by Northumberland County Council. It requested that Linton should have its own parish council.

The village is currently covered by Ellington and Linton Parish Council.

The county authority is now carrying out a community governance review and as part of this process, local input is required to help officers form a decision on whether to give the approval to create two separate parish councils.

At the moment, the electorate for the Ellington and Linton parish is 2,180 – 1,797 in Ellington and 383 in Linton.

Comments should be submitted in writing to Lesley Bennett, Team Leader (Governance/People), Democratic Services, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF, or email Lesley.Bennett@northumberland.gov.uk by July 3.

If an order is made, the changes will come into force for the next ordinary elections of parish councils in May 2017.