Health staff don their PJs to support project

Nurses have donned their pyjamas to support a national campaign helping patients.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 8:30 am
Nurses at Northumbria Healthcare, including executive director Ellie Monkhouse (centre), launch #EndPJparalysis.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is backing the initiative to get patients up, dressed and moving while in hospital.

The 70-day #EndPJparalysis challenge is running across the UK and Ireland until June 26, to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS on July 5.

The campaign aims to get older people back home to their loved ones, living much happier and fuller lives.

Figures show nearly half of people aged over 85 die within one year of a hospital admission.

Ellie Monkhouse, executive director of nursing and midwifery at the Trust, said: “It goes without saying that not all patients will be well enough to do this but for those that can, getting dressed and moving helps prevent the complications of being immobile, including chest infections, muscle degeneration and clotting.

“The campaign helps to shift patients’ perceptions from ‘I’m not feeling very well’ to ‘I’m getting better’ and boosts their recovery.

“It also enhances dignity, autonomy and patients’ experiences, as well as, in many instances, shortening their length of stay. I’m urging all of our nurses and other healthcare professionals to join this challenge.”

Prof Cummings, chief nursing officer for England, said: “For many, wearing pyjamas reinforces feeling unwell and can prevent a speedy recovery. One of the most valuable resources is a patient’s time and getting people up and dressed is a vital step in ensuring that they do not spend any longer than is clinically necessary in hospital.

“I urge all those caring for our older patients to help end PJ paralysis and get involved in the 70-day challenge and show the impact they can make.”

Staff at the Trust are encouraged to log the number of patients dressed in their clothes at midday and how many of them have mobilised using an app.