Campaigner fights for MenB vaccine

A campaigner whose daughter, son and niece all contracted meningitis is calling for a vaccine to be rolled-out.

Ulgham resident Keith Newman says he was lucky that his family did not lose anyone to the disease and has backed a campaign to seek the introduction of the meningococcal Group B (MenB) vaccine as soon as possible.

The Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation recommended last year that the vaccine be routinely given to children, but it is still not part of the immunisation programme.

The Meningitis Research Foundation has launched a #WheresOurVaccine campaign to pile on the pressure.

And as well as supporting the Twitter initiative, Mr Newman has written to Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith and prospective parliamentary candidates to press the campaign.

He said: “We have been lucky not to lose anyone, but I know from experience others who have and that has made me determined to help others as best I can.”

An online petition is available at www.meningitis.org/wheres-our-vaccine