Experts join cancer fight

CANCER experts from across Northumberland were among those who attended the North of England Cancer Network’s (NECN’s) annual conference in Sunderland.

The event saw the network challenge the NHS on how they can work together to save 1,000 lives from cancer in the North of England over the next two years.

This includes the launch of the northern ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign, which urges the public to become more aware of the early signs and symptoms of cancer and see their GP if they have any concerns, as early detection makes cancer more treatable and saves lives.

Dr Janet Whiteway, NECN’s medical director, said: “In the North East and North Cumbria we have more people who develop cancer compared to the national average, and more worrying the majority of people who responded to a recent survey about it didn’t know the early signs and symptoms of the major cancers.

“An important part of the challenge we have issued is the ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign. We need people to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of cancer and if they notice anything different about their own body — they must tell their GP.”

Roy McLachlan, director of NECN, added: “Over recent years cancer treatment and access to cancer drugs has improved, however many people still think that cancer is a death sentence.

“We want people to realise that by knowing their own bodies, recognising early signs and symptoms and then telling their GP makes cancer much more treatable, and really could save their life.”