Healthy living campaign wins praise

NORTHUMBERLAND Care Trust has been treated to a major accolade after holding a range of events to encourage healthy living.

It has achieved the North East Better at Work Award, which recognises continued excellence in improving the health and well-being of the local community as well as health workers.

The award supports workplaces that actively promote healthy lifestyles to all its staff, and at the higher level to also involve local community groups.

Community health promotion events were held across the county by the Care Trust’s health improvement team in partnership with local community development teams.

And the organisation delivered a series of health and well-being roadshows for staff.

Sue Milner, Director of Public Health for Northumberland Care Trust, said: “We are delighted to have achieved this award.

“Some of the benefits of good workplace health include reducing ill health, helping people who have been ill to return to work and using the work environment to help people maintain or improve their health.

“The award helps workplaces including the NHS to achieve these goals irrespective of their size.”

Local residents and NHS staff enjoyed activities such as a men’s health World Cup event, a family teddy bear’s picnic in Druridge Bay, a Castington Prison health event, teenage and young people’s health roadshows and mental health related events.

At the staff roadshows, workers were able to access a range of health information, get their blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked and engage in holistic therapy and exercise sessions.

Some staff took up further individual support from health trainers to make positive changes around physical activity, including healthy eating, no longer smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.