MEP calls for change in law

NORTH East MEP Fiona Hall is calling for a change in the law to ban discrimination against cancer patients.

The politician says that people recovering from cancer are often keen to return to work, but prejudice can prevent it.

Now she has teamed up with the Association of European Cancer Leagues to campaign for legislation to outlaw such discrimination.

“Many cancer patients see work as a key part of retaining as normal a life as possible and for those that have passed through treatment a return to work is often seen as the ultimate proof of their success,” she said.

“Securing a regular wage can also be vital for a family’s finances, especially if there are treatment bills to pay, so we must make sure that where patients are willing and able to return to work they are not held back by discrimination.

“Unfortunately, prejudice against cancer patients is a very real problem which stops many of them finding a job. There is a particular issue in the low-skilled sector. The financial imperative to get back to earning a wage is often highest here, but so is the level of discrimination faced.”