Patient choice for treatment

PATIENTS can now check-up on hospital performances to help them choose where to be treated.

A new user-friendly ‘infographic’ system has been introduced, showing key performance data for every NHS hospital trust in the region.

Figures are given relating to issues such as waiting times, referral to treatment times for inpatient and outpatient procedures and treatment times for urgent cancer referrals.

The information will be published online every quarter as part of a commitment to improve transparency in the NHS and to help patients understand how their local services compare.

Director of Commissioning Development at NHS North East Richard Barker said: “The NHS in the north east performs very well and all NHS staff should be rightly very proud of our long standing reputation for quality of care and high levels of public satisfaction.

“By using infographics to communicate performance data in a clear and meaningful way, we firstly want to show patients and stakeholders just how well the region’s NHS is doing, but also be as proactive and transparent as we can to provide clear information to aid patient choice and drive up the quality of care even further.”

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