Patient safety lands award

NORTHUMBRIA Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was among the winners at a North East patient safety awards event.

Chief Executive Jim Mackey was recognised for his leadership of improvements across the region and the organisation was successful for its work to reduce infections following operations.

In addition to leading developments in the trust, Mr Mackey has motivated and encouraged organisations in the North East to improve as part of his role over the last three years as Chairman of the Patient Safety Strategic Forum.

He said: “I am delighted to receive the leadership award, however it’s a team effort and the improvements are testament to the commitment and dedication of staff in our trust and organisations across the region.

“We have taken great strides to reduce our surgical-site infections in recent years and are pleased to receive this award. We already deliver safe, high quality care, but we are committed to continuous improvement including further reducing all healthcare-associated infections.”

The drive to decrease this problem, which can occur after knee replacements and repairing a broken hip, has involved many strands of work. This includes employing two surgical-site infection surveillance nurses and screening patients when they come into hospital.

Earlier this year, the trust won a national award for improving the care given to patients who suffer a hip fracture.