Super slimmer shares secrets

Paul Edgar and Michelle Rainbow
Paul Edgar and Michelle Rainbow

A MORPETH mum has dropped three dress sizes after taking up a new health regime.

Mum-of-two Michelle Rainbow has lost almost two-and-a-half stone since joining Body and Mind Fitness Company’s women-only sessions in January.

The 46-year-old, who was a size 18, had tried numerous diets, but struggled to keep off the weight. It was her sons’ love of sport that encouraged her to try exercise.

“I was a bit disillusioned by the whole experience, but my desire to slim down and become healthier was driving me to find a programme that I would enjoy,” she said.

“I heard about Body and Mind Fitness Company through LinkedIn. The fact that they helped you with fitness and supported healthy eating was really appealing. I knew I’d get the results if I focused on both.”

At Mrs Rainbow’s first class, her trainer Paul Edgar took her measurements and chatted about health and fitness.

Mrs Rainbow selected a detox programme, with guidance about recipes and meal planning. She also attended exercise classes, which focused on short, sharp bursts of activity and variety.

After five weeks, Mrs Rainbow had lost over a stone in weight and inches from her waist and hips.

She said: “I feel younger, fitter, have a clearer mind and feel a lot less tired. More importantly, I’m not constantly hungry. I’m now addicted to my new lifestyle and have continued to attend Paul’s sessions three times a week.

“The ladies in the class are a great emotional support. We have all inspired and encouraged each other, as well as given practical support by sharing recipes and ideas for lunch. Most importantly, we have fun.

“I am now thinking about running the Great North Run next year, something I never thought I could do.”

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