Village marks a landmark year

DEDICATED village fund-raisers are hoping for a bumper year of activities to celebrate a landmark anniversary.

The Stannington Committee of Action Medical Research will be playing its part in celebrating the charity’s 60th birthday this year.

The committee itself has been going for 33 years, collecting between £5,000 and £7,000 each year in support.

Action Medical Research was founded by Duncan Guthrie to find a cure for polio and since helping to develop a vaccine and eradicate the disease in the UK, it has invested more than £100million in other medical breakthroughs, including vaccines for rubella and Hib meningitis, the use of ultrasound in pregnancy and the importance of pregnant women taking folic acid.

Stannington Committee Chairman Jean Dungait said: “Action Medical Research is one of the leading charities in Britain and we have much pleasure in raising money such a worthwhile cause. Coincidentally, it funded research into hip replacements, of which both my husband and I have been beneficiaries.”

Fund-raising Director Jenny Edwards said: “We are enormously grateful for the loyal and dedicated support of our local fundraising committees.

“Thanks to people like these more babies have been born healthy, children with severe disabilities have been made more comfortable and thousands more have been protected from life threatening infections.

“We hope people will continue to support their local fund-raisers and help make 2012 an extra special year so we can fund even more life-changing research for some of the UK’s sickest babies and children.”

To support the Stannington group’s activities contact Mrs Dungait on 01670 789045.

For more information about Action Medical Research visit