Hebron show is in seventh heaven

Helen Moran with Alan and Carole Davison, Judges for the Hebron Village Show.
Helen Moran with Alan and Carole Davison, Judges for the Hebron Village Show.

The warm late summer sun brought Hebron residents out in force for their seventh 
Village Show.

There were close to 100 entries in various categories and a wide range of ages was represented – the winners were aged between seven and 70.

Garden produce judges Alan and Carole Davison reported a particularly close run competition in the beans and apples categories and although there was much chat amongst the gardeners about produce being ready too early this year, the quality across the board remained high.

Ken Baker, winner of the Onions and Largest Pumpkin sections, agreed with Hebron farmer David Dungait (the Dungait family were successful in the Eggs and Turnips/Swedes categories) that it has been a bumper year for crop yields.

Mr Davison said: “This year’s warm summer has obviously had a positive effect on the quality of the entries.

“Appearance is important, but for me it’s taste that really counts. Some of the produce was absolutely perfect and we were looking for very minor differences.”

Villagers were particularly interested in the quality and quantity of the apple crop, since later in the month the community will get together for their annual cider and apple wine making day.

“We’ll be making the cider for drinking next year – at our 10th International Cider Fest,” said Chris Hill, whose orchard provides a good proportion of apples. And I’m very pleased to report that the apples are looking and tasting very good.”

In addition, household produce judge Helen Moran reported a high standard in cakes, liqueurs, jams and chutneys.

After the presentations, the prize winners and others who came along to the Hebron Village Community Hall at St Cuthbert’s Church enjoyed drinks, snacks and the opportunity to taste as much of the produce as they could eat.


Garden produce – Four potatoes: 1 M Duffy, 2 L Bright, 3 C Hill; Three onions: 1 K Baker, 2 L Bright; Three pods of runner beans: 1 C Hill, 2 M Duffy, 3 L Bright; Three pods of French beans: 1 C Hill; Three eating apples: 1 C Hill, 2 E Roff, 3 T Roff; Three cooking apples: 1 and 2 S Lishman, 3 C Hill; Three turnips/swedes: 1 O Dungait, 2 B Dungait, 3 A Dungait; One truss of tomatoes: 1 M Duffy, 2 C Hill, 3 K Baker; Largest pumpkin: 1 K Baker; Bizarre vegetable: 1 T Roff, 2 S Lishman.

Household produce – Chocolate cake: 1 B Roff, 2 M Baker, 3 M Archer; Lemon drizzle cake: 1 M Archer, 2 A Renton, 3 J Brewster; Victoria sponge: 1 P Duffy, 2 J Brewster, 3 R McWilliam; Three fruit scones: 1 M Baker, 2 E Brewster; Three cheese scones: 1 J Brewster, 2 P Duffy, 3 E Brewster; Jar of jam or jelly: 1 T Roff, 2 L Bright, 3 P Duffy; Jar of chutney: 1 M Duffy, 2 L Bright, 3 M Baker; Half a dozen eggs: 1 K Dungait, 2 A Dungait, 3 L Bright; Fruit liqueur: 1 E Gray.

Children’s classes – Baking: 1 Sandi Pell, 2 Niki Pell; Poem/story: 1 Niki Pell.