HERALD: Look forward to challenges

It was good to read the positive news about the Morpeth Herald's parent company.

Saturday, 8th December 2018, 5:14 am

With the financial concerns resolved, it will be easier for the newspaper and its staff to look forward to more challenges, but important ones as there’s a range of important stories out there reflecting the changeable times we live in.

The Herald can get answers to the questions that get bounced around various internet forum pages.

It has done over the years and it’s important that it keeps doing so, so that its front page on a Thursday encourages first-time buyers as well as the regulars.

It was a strange move by certain businesses to turn a straightforward day for shoppers, namely Black Friday, into a blanket name for a period of time in the month of November.

Black Friday tends to work for people who do their research on the internet in advance to work out where they will buy the expensive electrical item they may have wanted for many a month at the best price.

The average person will not rush out and buy a large number of 43in televisions. A little more imagination will be needed in marketing to keep people spending in the run up to Christmas.

It’s good to see so many familiar faces among the Mary Hollon Annuity and Relief Fund event pictures, (Morpeth Herald, November 15).

Simon Pringle and Derek Thompson are two of the members. Between them they have put many a decade of commitment to good causes in the local community.

The story of the Hollons and the tea itself is of importance to the town, and I hope the tea is still around when I’m 75.

To ensure that this happens keeping the right balance between the trustees, as has been done over the years, is an important part of it, although maybe not quite on a par with the food and entertainment.

Now that the North East Combined Authority is happening, some clarification is needed on the meaning and implications of the vote to come in 2019 on the mayoral role.

How will Northumberland’s concerns be represented in the new authority?

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue