HERALD WAR REPORT: Advert from the Morpeth Herald, July 12, 1918.
HERALD WAR REPORT: Advert from the Morpeth Herald, July 12, 1918.

In this feature to commemorate the First World War, we will bring you the news as it happened in 1918, as reported by the Morpeth Herald. All material is published with kind permission of the Mackay family. We thank them for their support and generosity in allowing us access to their archive.

The monthly meeting of Morpeth Town Council was held on Tuesday evening. The Mayor (Councillor Jas. Elliott) presided.

The reports of the Corporation in committee were presented as follows:—

The committee recommended that the Mayor and surveyor see to the necessary fencing of the allotments on Thorp estate, which was agreed to.

The Town Clerk, having submitted a letter from the Surplus Government Property Disposal Board as to the pavilion, was directed to await further communication.

The Town Clerk read letters from owners of land taken for war allotments on Thorp estate. (a) from Mr T. Kilby as to persons being allowed to keep poultry to the annoyance of residents, and (b) from Messrs Dickson, Archer and Thorp as to damage to trees.

The committee did not consider that either case called for action by the Council at present. The report was adopted.

A letter was received from the National Salvage Council asking the Council to make arrangements for securing that unsound food materials were tested so as to obtain such products as glycerine, pig and poultry food, also to undertake the collection of fish waste, vegetable refuse, as well as waste paper and old cans.

Mr Armstrong stated that with regard to the collection of refuse it was a very important matter, and should not be passed over by any council. Every council on Tyneside had formed themselves into scavenging committees because all the things mentioned by the Salvage Council were of commercial value at the present time.

There were two commodities in the borough which might be collected at little expense — waste paper and old tins. He moved that the notice be inserted in the “Herald” asking the people to preserve their waste paper and old tins.

He was sure that the people in the town, who were just as patriotic as any other, would willingly comply with the Council’s request.

Ald. Hood seconded, and Mr Sanderson, in supporting the motion, showed how this work was extensively carried out at the Front.

It was agreed that the people, through advertisement, be asked to save waste paper and old tins, and that these be collected by the Corporation employees.

The following committee were appointed to deal with other matters mentioned in the circular and also meet the Allotment Association:— Mayor Ald. Norman, Councillors Jackson and Waterston.

The Mayor said he was making arrangements for holding on the afternoon of August 4th— the anniversary of the war — a meeting similar to the one he held last Easter on behalf of the brave lads at the Front.


Mr and Mrs R.H. Scott, 329 Welbeck Terrace, Pegswood, have been notified that their son, Corporal John Scott, N.F., has been awarded the Military Medal.


At a general meeting of the Morpeth Branch of the National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Soldiers and Sailors, held at the White Swan Inn on Wednesday evening, the president (Mr W. Dodds) was in the chair.

A letter was read from Mr and Mrs Henderson, Hood Street, thanking the committee and secretary for their letter sympathising with them in the loss of their nephew, Gunner Robt. Dodds, who died from wounds received in action.

The financial statement for the last quarter showed that the total income had amounted to £45 14s 5½d, and after defraying all expenses there was a total balance of £18 16s 11½d.

The following officials were re-elected:— W. Dodds, president; J. Familton, vice-president; J.W. Busby, secretary; J. Carmen, financial secretary; Thos. Wade, treasurer.

Those appointed to act on the committee were Messrs A. Green, W. Armstrong, Matthews, R. Carmen, Gledson, McSherry, Birkett, T. Hall, Henderson, Clark, Burn, and Nichol.

It was reported that Mr Wm. Dodds had been appointed on the Executive Committee of the National Federation.

The secretary (Mr J.W. Bushby) writes as follows:— “I have been instructed by the committee of the branch to make an appeal through your valuable paper to the public of Morpeth and district.

“It is the intention of the committee to open an institute. Suitable premises have been secured for the benefit of the membership of the branch. The membership now numbers 146, all of whom have been discharged from the service.

“We take this opportunity of appealing to the generosity of the people of this town for their support in the furnishing of the institute. Any articles in the way of tables, chairs, books, pictures, etc., will be gladly welcomed by all the members of the branch.”

A meeting will be held on Sunday morning first, July 14th, in the Old Drill Hall, Oldgate St., Morpeth, under the auspices of the National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers, when all discharged men, medical rejected, and men over military age are requested to attend. Commence 11am.


Second-Lieut. W. McLean, N.F., who was reported wounded and missing by the War Office over a month ago, has sent a card to his parents at Bebside stating that he is a prisoner of war.

Mrs Crake, 47 Park Parade, Whitley Bay, has received news that her husband Lieut. (Temp. Captain) J.W. Crake, N.F., formerly of Morpeth, is a prisoner.

Councillor J. Usher, Seaton Delaval, has received news that his son, Private John Usher, West Yorks, has been posted as missing.

Mr and Mrs Hetherington, 144 Hawthorn Road, Ashington, have received news that their son, Corporal Arthur Hetherington, has been missing since May 27th. Corporal Hetherington had been twice wounded previously. They have received the certificate for gallant conduct and devotion to duty awarded to their son, who has been mentioned in dispatches.

Mrs Bryan, Choppington, late of Hillgate, Morpeth, has received official notice that her son Charlie, Machine Gun Corps, has been missing since May 27th.

Mr and Mrs Joseph Wilson, 7 School Row, Scotland Gate, Choppington, have received a card from their brother, A.B. Samuel P. Swan, Howe Battalion, R.N.D., previously reported missing since March 27th, stating he is now a prisoner of war in Germany.

Mrs J. Smith, 6 Eleventh Row, Ashington, has received a card from her husband stating he is a prisoner of war in Germany. He was previously reported missing.

Mrs E. Purdy, 55 Brinkburn Street, Newcastle, has been notified that her husband, Sergt. Instructor William Purdy, Royal Engineers (Signals) is lying in South African General Hospital at Abbeville suffering from defective vision. Sergt. Purdy is a son-in-law of Mrs P. Kelly, Marley House, Morpeth.

Mrs Haddock, New Square, Seghill Colliery, has received a card from her brother, Private Benjamin Haddock, N.F., stating that he is a prisoner of war. He has been officially posted missing since April 8th.

Mr and Mrs Bennett, 2 Beech Grove, West Moor, near Forest Hall, have received a card from their son, Private A.W. Bennett, D.L.I., stating he is a prisoner of war. He has been officially reported as missing since May 27th.

Mr and Mrs Henry Jackson, 19 Bede Street, Amble, have received official word that Signaller W.R. Jackson, D.L.I. (formerly corporal Tyneside Scottish), has been missing since May 23rd.

Mrs Evans, 45 Chevington Crescent, has received word from the Rev. Wilfred Collins, chaplain, that her husband, Private D. Evans, N.F., has been missing since May 27th. He thinks it is possible that he may be a prisoner of war in Germany.

Corporal Alex. Gauld, of Cowpen Village, is reported to be missing since May 27th.

Private W. Home of West Moor has been reported as being killed in action.

Rifleman Tom Gibson, of Forest Hall, has been killed in action.

News was received at Cramlington Colliery office on Monday night that Lieut.-Colonel L.C.W. Deane, South Wales Borderers, only son of Mr and Mrs W. C. Deane, of Beauvois Kotagire, Nilgirl Miils, India, was killed in action in France on May 29th. The deceased officer served his apprenticeship as a mining engineer at Cramlington Colliery. He rendered distinguished service and won the M.C. and D.S.O.

Mr and Mrs Oliver, Burdon Terrace, Bedlington, have received word that their son, Private R.P. Oliver, of East Yorks, is missing since May 28th.

Mr and Mrs Robson, 78 Myrtle Street, Ashington, have received word that P.C. Henry Cowe, late of Ashington, has died in hospital in France.

Mrs Burn, 15 Edwin Street, Dinnington Colliery, has received official news that her husband Sapper H. Burns, R.E., is missing.


CODLING.— Killed in action, June 1st, 1918, aged 30 years, Private Henry Edward (Harry), 58559, D.C.M., dearly beloved son of Henry and Mary Jane Codling, of 45 Sandy Lane, Eighton Banks, and grandson of the late Henry Codling, Wallington, Cambo.— Deeply mourned and sadly missed by his sorrowing father, mother, sisters, and brothers, sister-in-law, and brothers-in-law.

PROCTOR.— At the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, Hants, 1st July, died from wounds received in action, aged 19 years, Fred, dearly beloved and youngest son of Tom and Mary Jane Proctor, North Steads, Widdrington. Interred with full Military Honours, July 4th, at All Saints’ Cemetery, Jesmond, Newcastle.— Deeply mourned.

THOMPSON.— Killed in action on June 15th, 1918, in Italy, Private Arthur Thomspon (Arty), the beloved son of the late Robert and Priscilla Thompson, of Scotland Gate, Choppington.— Deeply mourned by his sister and brothers, also brother-in-law and his little niece Cilla.


Ald. Duncan, the secretary of the Morpeth Borough Military Tribunal, having volunteered and been accepted for military service at home, the Town Clerk (Mr Jas. Jardin) has been appointed secretary to the tribunal in his stead.


The Commandant gratefully thanks the following for gifts:— Mrs Milvain, cakes, and butter, blancmange; Miss Betty Hall, scones and tartlets; Mrs Walker, sardines and meat paste.


The Commandant wishes to acknowledge the following gifts with many thanks:—

Vegetables, Mrs Orde, Nunnykirk; brown loaf, Mrs J.S. Mackay; vegetables, Mrs Joicey, Longhirst; 4 jars honey, Miss Mary Walker; cake, Mrs Joe Simpson; books, Dr MacDowall; vegetables, Mrs Straughan; gooseberries, Mrs Straker; vegetables, Mrs J.J. Gillespie; eggs, Mr Pringle, Tritlington; eggs, butter, gooseberries, and flowers, Mrs Rayne, High House.


Representation of the Northumberland coal-owners and the Executive Committee of the Northumberland Miners’ Association met on Saturday at the Coal Trade Office, Newcastle, to consider rates of pay to hewers called to do putters’ work in consequence of the recent comb-out of young miners for military service. Mr T. Taylor presided.

The men’s representatives asked for uniform rates in regard to hewers transferred to putting, and the owners suggested that the matter be left to local arrangement.

Various proposals were submitted by the owners and these will be considered by the miners’ executive.


Will be at the Town Hall, Morpeth, every Wednesday, commencing July 3rd, from 9 to 12 o’clock, and would be very grateful if people would bring fresh vegetables to send to the Sailors.

Mrs Spencer



(a) Volunteers for service on the land are now being enrolled.

(b) Arrangements can be made for a supply of enemy prisoner labour for farm work.

Any farmer who desires to take advantage of either of these sources of supply is requested to communicate at once with the undersigned.


Hon. Secretary.

9, Eldon Square, Newcastle-on-Tyne