High quality on show

Bill Watson receives the trophy for winning the gardens category from Doreen Coe.
Bill Watson receives the trophy for winning the gardens category from Doreen Coe.

There were plenty of high-quality entries at the 30th Mitford Show.

This made it difficult to choose the winners across the various categories during the event at the village hall.

Bob Butcher received a first place award for this trug of vegetables.

Bob Butcher received a first place award for this trug of vegetables.

After the trophies and certificates were handed out, Ernie Coe led another successful auction of produce. The money raised from it will help fund next year’s show.

Ernie’s wife Doreen presented the awards. Born in the village, she is the daughter of a former head gardener at Mitford Hall and she got married in 1959 at the parish church (St Mary Magdalene).

Marjorie Goodchild, who is asked to pick winners at various shows across the county, judged the preserves and bakery categories and the others included Peter and Sheena Law (vegetables and flowers), Dorothy Johnson (handicrafts) and Ken Stait (photographs).

Show chairman Brian Talkes said: “We had fewer entries than last year. It being a bank holiday weekend meant there were plenty of other events happening on the same day, including the Tall Ships, and it wasn’t possible to hold the show the week before on this occasion.

“Despite this, we were pleased with the comments from the judges, which were that the quality of entries was very high.

“Each judge provided extremely useful feedback that will help exhibitors at future shows.

“It was great to see Bob Butcher arrive in very good health and he once again did very well in the vegetables section.

“Other notable winners included Eric Evans (he gained the most points in flowers and vegetables combined, among other successes) and Michael Bradley, who had the best in show for vegetables with his set of onions.

“Once again, we had a decent number of entries from pupils at All Saints First School in Morpeth and we’re grateful to the teachers involved for taking the time to get the their pupils interested in the competition.

“The running of the show went very well, with Jan Dunlop and Wendy Talkes providing lunch for the committee and judges and Mary Nicholson giving extra support in the kitchen for the afternoon teas.”

On behalf of the committee, he gave particular thanks to Chris Mellows and his partner Val, who volunteered to help set up on the evening before the event and were stewards on the day of the show.

Brian and Wendy Talkes, and Teresa Scott, have retired from the show committee.

They each received garden vouchers and a rose bush as a thank you for their efforts over the years from the remaining committee members.

The results were as follows.


Overall winner, preserves: B Talkes. Bakery: V Filer. Handicrafts: W Talkes. Photograph: C Mellows.

Best in show, vegetables: M Bradley. Flowers: E Evans. Bakery/preserves: T House. Handicrafts: D Fenwick. Photograph: C Mellows.

Most points overall, vegetables: B Butcher. Flowers: E Evans. Veg/flowers: E Evans. Dahlia: E Evans. Industrial: V Filer, V Kinninment. 8-14 years: A Anderson

Gardens: 1 B Watson; 2 J Hill; 3 S Towns. Best container display: 1 E Alexander; 2 A Young; 3 C Robson.


Trug of vegetables: 1 B Butcher. Potatoes, white: 1,2&3 B Butcher. Potatoes, coloured: 1,2&3 B Butcher. Carrots, long: 1&3 M Bradley; 2 B Butcher. Parsnips: 1 B Butcher; 2&3 M Bradley. Carrots, stump rooted: 1 B Butcher; 2&3 M Bradley. Vegetable marrow: 1 E Evans; 2 M Bradley; 3 T Skillen. Broad beans: 1&2 B Laverick; 3 B Butcher. Beetroot: 1&3 B Butcher; 2 M Bradley. Onions, dressed: 1,2&3 B Butcher. Onions, Kelsae type: 1&2 M Bradley; 3 B Butcher. Heaviest marrow: 1&2 M Bradley; 3 E Evans. Onions, from set: 1&3 B Butcher; 2 D Towns. Cherry tomatoes: 1 C Clemence; 2 G Fenwick. Shallots: 1,2&3 B Butcher. Cabbage: 1,2&3 M Bradley. Runner beans: 1 B Bradley; 2&3 B Talkes. Cucumber: 1&3 M Bradley; 2 B Talkes. Rhubarb sticks: 1 G Clemence; 2 J Hill; 3 B Butcher. Garlic bulbs: 1 C Mellows; 2 E Evans.


Vase mixed garden flowers: 1&2 E Evans. Flower & vegetable: 1 E Evans; 2 B Butcher; 3 C Clemence. Dahlias, decorative: 1&2 E Evans. Dahlias, cactus: 1&2 E Evans. Dahlias, pom-pom: 1,2&3 E Evans. Bowl of dahlias: 1&2 E Evans. Fuchsia: 1,2&3 I Bruce. Foliage plant: 1 I Bruce; 2&3 E Evans. Small flower arrangement: 1&3 D Laverick; 2 C Clemence. Flowering single pot plant: 1&2 I Bruce. Rose, single: 1,2&3 E Evans. Roses: 1&2 E Evans. Pansies: 1&2 E Evans. Double begonia flower: 1 E Evans; 2&3 I Bruce. Sweet peas: 1 C Clemence. Gladioli: 1 E Evans. Lady’s spray & gentleman’s buttonhole: 1&3 E Evans; 2 D Laverick.



Picture: 1 J Delf; 2 E Burkley; 3 M Gammer. Handwriting: 1 E Dewhirst; 2 G Diplat; 3 A Khatun.

10-13 YEARS

Handwriting: 1 F Adamson; 2 A Adamson. Photograph: 1&3 A Adamson; 2 F Adamson.


Any handicraft item: 1&3 A Anderson; 2 F Adamson. Poster for Mitford Show 2017: 1 F Adamson; 2&3 A Adamson.


Marmalade: 1 S Glover; 2 B Talkes; 3 C Clemence. Raspberry jam: 1 V Garner. Any jam: 1 V Filer; 2 T House. Any chutney: 1&2 B Talkes; 3 V Garner. Lemon curd: 1 T House; 2 V Filer. Elderflower cordial: 1 W Talkes; 2 B Talkes. Any jelly: 1 J Cockburn; 2&3 N Priestley/Leach.


Fruit cake: 1 V Filer. Shortbread biscuits: 1 D Towns; 2 V Filer; 3 D Laverick. Scones, fruit: 1&3 I Bruce; 2 T House. Scones, cheese: 1,2&3 I Bruce. Victoria sandwich: 1&2 I Bruce; 3 V Filer. Lemon drizzle cake: 1&2 I Bruce; 3 W Talkes. Chocolate sandwich: 1 V Filer; 2 R Evans. Apple pie: 1 V Filer. Almond macaroons: 1 D Laverick; 2 V Filer. Vegetable-based cake: 1 G Fenwick. Rock buns: 1 E Scott; 2&3 I Bruce. Wholemeal bread buns: 1 V Filer. White bread buns: 1 V Filer. Artisan bread loaf: 1 G Fenwick; 2&3 C Mellows. Tea loaf: 1 V Filer. Ginger parkin: 1 G Fenwick; 2 V Filer. Lemon meringue pie: 1 I Bruce; 2 V Filer. Bacon and egg pie: 1 V Filer.


Any picture: 1 D Fenwick; 2&3 M Hall. Hand knitted item: 1 V Kinninment; 2&3 I Bruce. Embroidered article: 1,2&3 J Ingham. Hand or machine sewn article: 1 A Lloyd; 2 W Talkes. Greetings card: 1&2 W Talkes. Crocheted item: 1&2 T Scott; 3 W Bradley. Any item of craft work: 1&2 A Kinninment; 3 G Fenwick.


Motion: 1 C Mellows; 2&3 G Fenwick. Shadows: 1 C Mellows; 2&3 G Fenwick. Power of nature: 1 G Fenwick; 2 C Mellows; 3 J Adamson. Play or pastimes: 1&3 C Mellows; 2 G Fenwick. Bridges: 1&2 C Mellows; 3 J Adamson. Harvest: 1&3 C Mellows; 2 G Fenwick. Trees: 1 C Mellows; 2 G Fenwick; 3 R Potts.