Hiroshima memories

AN annual peace service will take place in Morpeth this weekend to remember the horrors of Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Day was initiated by the International Peace Movement in the hope that the effects of nuclear weapons on the city and Nagasaki will never be endured again.

Anyone wishing to take part in the Morpeth service should meet at the Chantry at 8am on Saturday for a short walk to the Amnesty Peace Garden, where readings and prayers will take place.

At 8.15am, the time the bomb was dropped, a minute’s silence will be observed, followed by the laying of paper peace cranes on shrubs.

Morpeth Town Council Clerk Gillian Turner said: “Since its inception in 2001 this very peaceful tribute has been well attended and everyone present felt that the commemoration was a successful reflection for the need to avoid the use of nuclear weapons at all costs and above all, to promote peace throughout the world.

“Since we first commemorated Hiroshima Day there have been many terrorist attacks and ongoing wars, all underlining the very real need for peace, and we will be pleased to see anyone wishing to join us.”