Hundreds flock to sheep racing

This year’s Whalton Village Show has been hailed a big success.

Hundreds of people flocked to the main field and other venues for the event, which has become one of the most popular shows in the county in recent years.

Over they go in the Sheep racing at the Show

Over they go in the Sheep racing at the Show

The sheep racing was once again a firm favourite and those attending were glad to see that two new additions from last year – the staging of a Northumberland Sheep Dog Trial League contest and a book fair – were among the attractions on Saturday.

Others included the Drakes of Hazard, Mark Wylie’s sheepdog and duck display team, a display of classic cars, craft stalls, fairground rides and music from the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir and the KEVI Steel Band. There were a range of entries in the traditional show classes from adults and children and a new feature this year was a vintage wedding dress display from Kathryn Trueman in the Church of St Mary Magdalene. Show chairman Martin Keegan said: “I think it was the best show we’ve done in terms of the quality of attractions at the event.

“Many people came later in the afternoon as the weather improved and it was good to see that one of the sheep racing sponsors brought along guests to it as part of the firm’s client entertainment programme.

“The wedding dress display went down well and the crowds were thrilled when the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir and the KEVI Steel Band joined forces for a couple of tunes.

“It’s remarkable how many people support the event year after year and it’s nice to get lots of positive comments during the show from residents.”

The funds raised on the day will be divided between Whalton First School, the village church and Whalton Village Hall.



Three potatoes: 1, 2 and 3 B Butcher; Three tomatoes: 1 O Warneford, 2 T Grix, 3 O Warneford; One courgette: 1 and 2 S Richardson; Four runner beans: 1 S Richardson, 2 and 3 C Chater; One vegetable marrow: 1 S Sutton; One vegetable and one cut flower: 1 B Butcher, 2 M Roe, 3 C Chater.

Three onion sets dressed: 1 and 2 B Butcher, 3 R McKay; Three onions from seed dressed: 1 P Charleton; Three home produced eggs: 1 and 2 T Grix, 3 L Robinson; One cucumber: 1 N Robson, 2 A Warneford; One bowl of rooted salad leaves: 1 S Richardson.

One sweet pepper: 1, 2 and 3 S Richardson; Three chilli peppers: 1 and 2 A Warneford, 3 P Charleton; Three cooking apples: 1 B Thompson, 2 R Sill, 3 B Thompson; Three eating apples: 1 L Lofthouse, 2 J Strachan; Six plums: 1 M Roe; Most points in section: Bob Butcher.


Three roses: 1 J Strachan, 2 M Davis, 3 S Richardson; Three rudbeckias: 1 B Thompson, 2 L Lofthouse, 3 B Thompson; Three asters: 1 S Richardson, 2 B Thompson, 3 S Richardson; Three dahlias (cactus and semi cactus): 1 and 2 P Charleton, 3 B Thompson; Three dahlias (decorative): 1 and 2 P Charleton, 3 B Thompson; Single dahlia: 1 B Thompson, 2 N Robson; Single gladiolus: 1, 2 and 3 S Richardson.

Vase of sweet peas: 1 and 2 B Thompson, 3 M Davis; Floral table centre: 1 and 2 M Roe; Foliage arrangement: 1 and 2 M Roe; Vase of spray chrysanthemums: 1, 2 and 3 S Richardson; Vase of mixed garden flowers: 1 S Richardson, 2 M Roe, 3 B Thompson.

Coleus plant: 1, 2 and 3 S Richardson.

House plant foliage: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 S Richardson; Fuchsia: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 M Davis; Joan Goddard Memorial Cup for special class where participants put together a vase of flowers from seeds supplied (Whalton Gardening Club members): 1 S Lough, 2 A Sill, 3 A Jackson; Most points in section: Sue Richardson.


Fruit cake: 1 K Fenwick, 2 L Wheatley, 3 P Grix; Lemon drizzle cake: 1 A Swan, 2 and 3 I Bruce; Plain sandwich cake: 1 L Fenwick, 2 A Swan, 3 J Hopper; Gingerbread: 1 W Johnson, 2 M Brodie, 3 W Johnson; Apple pie: 1 M Brodie, 2 L Lofthouse, 3 M Brodie.

Six rock buns: 1 W Johnson, 2 and 3 I Bruce; A round of shortbread: 1 M Brodie, 2 P Grix, 3 N Robson; Six cheese scones: 1 A Swan, 2 L Robinson, 3 I Bruce; Six breadbuns: 1 N Robso.

Six girdle scones: 1 and 2 E Dolan, 3 M Brodie; Savoury quiche: 1 J Hopper, 2 M Brodie, 3 E.M. Hogg; Jar of chutney: 1 and 2 E.M. Hogg, 3 P Grix; Jar of lemon curd: 1 V Brady, 2 L Lofthouse, 3 H Davison; Jar of raspberry jam: 1 M Brodie, 2 E.M. Hogg, 3 C Chater; Celebration cake (decorated): 1 and 2 K Fenwick; Perpetual Whalton Maple Bowl for most points in industrial section: Mary Brodie.


Landscape/seascape: 1 L Robinson, 2 A Charlton, 3 M Davis; Live subject: 1 A Charlton, 2 L Thomson, 3 A Charlton; My pet (children only): 1 A Cooke, 2 and 3 L Robinson.

Arts and crafts

Any knitted or crocheted item: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 A Alderson; Any cross stitch: 1 H Roe; An original painting: 1 J Lee, 2 R Lee; A handicrafted item of woodwork: 1 H Davison, 2 and 3 A Charlton; A home-made patchwork cushion: 1 J Reynolds.

Children’s classes

Miniature garden on a plate: 1 Lauren Robinson, 2 Jennifer Lee, 3 Ethan Campbell; Gingerbread alien: 1 Henrietta Johnson, 2 Rebecca Lee, 3 Henrietta Johnson; Decorated egg: 1 Ethan Campbell, 2 Jennifer Lee, 3 Theo Cadamy; Picture of rainforest animal: 1 Jennifer Lee, 2 Amy Warneford, 3 Owen Warneford.

Floating flower arrangement: 1 Lauren Robinson, 2 Ethan Campbell; Book cover design of favourite story: 1 Jennifer Lee, 2 Alfie Ryder, 3 Sophia Dent.

Lego vehicle (up to nine years): 1 Amy Warneford, 2 Henry Morris, 3 Owen Warneford; Lego vehicle (10 to 16 years): 1 Jennifer Lee.

Six inch square hay bale: 1 Archie Campbell, 2 Ethan Campbell, 3 Ethan Carter.