Implementation date for new set of double yellow lines

Renewed plans put forward to prevent riverside parking will soon come into effect.

After three consultations with local residents to resolve long-standing issues at High Stanners, Northumberland County Council has now announced the implementation date for double yellow lines.

The ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions at the bottom of Curly Kews, outside the Social Club and along the frontage of High Stanners (including Abbey Terrace and Abbey View) will be enforced from July 1.

Bollards will also be introduced to prevent parking on the pavement outside certain properties.

Morpeth North county councillor David Bawn said: “I have been working with residents to try and find a solution to alleviate this problem for some time.

“We have now had three separate formal consultations on the best way to tackle the menace of obstructive parking in what can become a narrow and congested entrance area to High Stanners, which does cause safety concerns.

“Initial plans for a Residents’ Parking Permit scheme failed to obtain sufficient support, so we are now proceeding with the double yellow lines and bollard option.

“The impact of the new restrictions will be kept under review to see if a positive impact on parking behaviour is observed.

“Ultimately, it would be my wish to see a redesign of the junction next to Oldgate Bridge to remove the traffic island and widen the lanes.”

The consultation for a residents-only parking scheme was carried out in autumn 2013, but it was dropped when a slight majority of householders were opposed to it.

Last year, it was suggested that a no-parking zone could be introduced at the bottom of Curly Kews, but the restrictions were deemed not to go far enough.