Important time for council

THE new Morpeth Town Council will have many important issues to address in the coming months.

One of the most experienced members of the authority, Coun David Parker, has set out the priority subjects that councillors will be dealing with in its own meetings and in talks with other local and national organisations.

These include the neighbourhood plan, which will be a key part in determining where development can take place in the area and outline what residents would like to see in terms of education, transport and leisure provision.

Coun Parker said: “We will need to continue working hard with the other residents involved in the process to try and get the plan approved by an outside examiner and endorsed by the public in a referendum.

“We will also be looking at the management of traffic in Morpeth and we’re currently waiting for the results of the review by consultant Phil Jones.

“The majority of people in Morpeth want the traffic lights at Telford Bridge taken out and I’m quite sure they will be, but I’m not sure how they will be replaced because there will be a significant increase in traffic once the two major supermarkets in the town centre are in operation.

“We’ve been pressing the Government to come up with a new model for flood insurance along with the Morpeth Flood Action Group and the situation has yet to be resolved, even though the Statement of Principles will be ending soon, so we will continue our work in this area.

“In addition, we will continue to drive forward the town team with our partner organisations (Greater Morpeth Development Trust and Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade) to support the town’s economy.”