Improvements to routes in and out of Morpeth

Couns Glen Sanderson and David Bawn.
Couns Glen Sanderson and David Bawn.

Improvements are being made to two main Morpeth roads – to increase safety and make speed limits clearer for drivers.

Work is being carried out on Pottery Bank and the A197 at Clifton – two of the major routes going in and out of the town.

On Pottery Bank, the county council has been working with Northumbria Police to change where the camera enforcement van is located.

Previously, it would park in a layby, close to where the 30mph zone turned into a 60mph limit. However, it was considered that this wasn’t the most appropriate site as the speed concerns and road-safety issues are around the Pottery Bank area.

It will now set up opposite the entrance to Lancaster Park in a bid to ensure limits are adhered to closer to the area where excessive speeds are of public concern.

The council will also be improving signage in this area, encouraging drivers to slow down and reinforcing the fact it is a 30mph zone.

At the other end of town at Clifton, there will be extra 30mph zone signs on the entry to the village from the A1 to reinforce what the limit is when drivers leave the trunk road.

Coun Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services, said: “For a long time, there have been concerns on these two stretches of road that speed limits weren’t clear enough and that enforcement activity needed to target better the areas of concern.

“We’ve listened to these concerns and have been working with police to establish the best way of reinforcing limits and ensuring their camera enforcement was used most effectively to protect all road users.”

Ward member for Morpeth North, Coun David Bawn, added: “I’m pleased action is being taken to improve safety measures at these locations

“The signage had been a source of confusion among some motorists and it was important from a safety perspective that work was carried out.”

Superintendent Sarah Pitt, of Northumbria Police Motor Patrols, said: “We work closely with our partners to keep our roads safe. This means ensuring road signs have the local speed limits clearly displayed as well as siting speed cameras at the appropriate locations so we can take necessary speed enforcement action.

“Speed cameras play an important role in moderating driver behaviour, encouraging motorists to obey the law and stick to the speed limit, to help us keep our roads safe for all.”