INFRASTRUCTURE: A key part of town planning

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Now that the bypass across Cottingwood Common is complete, heading north out of Morpeth you can appreciate the time and effort put into developing the access to the motorway, instead of the old direct route out of Morpeth.

Because of the link with the bypass drivers have to join the motorway, then come back on themselves.

It’s not much of diversion, but it does give you time to wonder about whether extra housing will come into the fields and parts of fields in the area, assuming that the local infrastructure for drainage and sewage disposal is up to the challenge.

If it isn’t, as in other areas, any people who move into properties where there are infrastructure problem face great difficulties.

Given how respected and popular John Caffrey was in Morpeth and beyond, the idea of having a local exhibition of his paintings and arkwork is an excellent one.

In days of old it would have been straightforward to have one in the Town Hall or the old library.

Now finding a location to hold the exhibition is one of the various challenges linked to the idea.

However, the staff at the Greater Morpeth Development Trust (GMDT) have delivered more complex projects before.

Given GMDT’s links to John, I am confident that something positive can happen.

Yes, local residents will go to his exhibition in Newcastle, but more would go to a well advertised exhibition in a central site in Morpeth.

I wonder if the redevelopment plans for the Queens Head, Morpeth, and the statement that ideally the new hotel would need more car parking spaces will give the county council a further hint to reveal where it plans to build the often mentioned, new multi-story car park in Morpeth.

Getting available land at a reasonable price is a challenge in Morpeth.

And given people’s liking of not walking too far from where they park their car, getting land in Morpeth town centre to meet the needs for car parking now and in the future will be challenging and costly.

Meeting car parking demand is an important part of planning the future infrastructure of the town.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue