Inspired by women at war

MITFORD WI members were treated to a most comprehensive and inspiring talk by Mr Alan Fendley at their June meeting.

The talk was entitled Women at War. He began in the 18th Century when a woman called Kit, disguised as a man, joined the Army to search for her husband.

It worked so well that her true identity was not discovered until she was wounded in battle, when the Duke of Marlborough exclaimed ‘she was a very good soldier’ at a time when women were certainly not allowed in the Army.

Mr Fendley then worked through the history of many naval battles and the Crimean War up to present times with examples of the efforts and heroism of women at war. It was fascinating to hear so much about the bravery of the ‘weaker sex’.

This was a talk well worth hearing from a speaker who has spent much time researching the subject.