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Hepscott WI

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 3:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 3:32 am
Part of the Satins and Silks display at Hepscott WI.

The last meeting before the summer break brought a tableful of treats for Hepscott WI.

We were greeted by a beautiful array of silk and satin items embellished with beads and embroidery, courtesy of the owner of Satins and Silks, Anya Simpson.

Anya and her mum started the business nine years ago through craft fairs and now supply shops in stately homes.

She told us about the History Of Silk In Fashion Today — a history that can be traced back to Egypt in 1070 BC, travelled along the famous Silk Road and ended with the fabulous silks, taffetas and brocade used in her products today.

Anya’s display was magnificently colourful; luxurious materials decorated with beads and embroidery, ranging from elegant evening bags to tiny pouches for storing rings, or in the case of a previous customer, her glass eye.

Lots of questions were asked and then the serious business of treating ourselves began. Oh, the difficulty of choosing, but what a pleasurable dilemma.

Anya generously donated an embroidered hand mirror to the raffle, a perfect end to a very feminine evening.

As so often happens, our thoughts will turn to food when we reconvene on Tuesday, September 18, at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Laura Denning will give us an insight into the history of Dickson’s Family Pork Butchers, one of the German pork butcher families who arrived in the North East in the 19th century and is still trading today.

It would be lovely to welcome visitors to our meeting so if you would like to make some new friends and enjoy interesting evenings, please do join us.