INVESTMENT: We need to work together

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There’s has been a lot of negative comments on social media, led by Mr and Mrs Muse (Morpeth Motorparts), and in the press and including a letter in your paper from Mrs Todd, ‘Sour Grapes’ pub about the BID offer.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and can voice their views in a democratic way as the no campaign is clearly doing.

A lot has been made about the problems Hexham is experiencing, however, the Town Team steering group has looked and learned from Hexham’s mistakes.

There are many hundreds of BIDs throughout the country, which are proving a great success. A similar town to Morpeth that people should be looking at is Penrith.

They are coming up to the fifth year of their BID, the transformation of the town has to be seen to be believed and what they have achieved by all businesses working together for the benefit of their town.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the negative and say no campaigners would spend as much time, effort and energy doing something positive for Morpeth.

These groups may say that the no campaign is being positive but the steering group and many others, who care passionately about Morpeth all agree that bringing an investment of up to £170k per year for the next five years to advertise, promote and help improve Morpeth town centre will bring fantastic opportunities for the town. This is an opportunity we cannot afford to lose.

One question I and many businesses in the town, who are in favour of the BID, would like to ask Mr and Mrs Muse and the no campaign, is if the BID fails and it is 50/50 at the moment, what scheme or grand ideas have they to bring in an investment of up to £170k per year to the town, or will they just continue to be negative and to complain how poor business is and saying nothing gets done in Morpeth.

John Beynon