Is it really 2016? World calendars in the spotlight

An online production by ex-Morpeth resident and teacher Graham Rankin explores the idea that 2016 is the wrong number for the current year.

According to the video – which was put together to get all students, and the wider public, thinking more about the world we live in – it is only 2016 if you accept that the Christian priests who inaugurated our calendar in the West, basing it around the birth of Jesus, actually got their dates right.

There is an argument that it should be 2019, 2021 or even 2015 again.

Mr Rankin added: “The real confusion happens when we consider that the Western version of the calendar isn’t the only one.

“For example, the Muslim calendar begins from AD 622, with Muhammad’s journey to Medina, so for most Muslims it’s really 1437. Orthodox Jewish people believe that it’s really 5776 and the official Indian calendar says it’s 1937.”

The video is on the Hemsworth Reflections site on YouTube.