Is it time to review traditional play area equipment?

A radical review of Morpeth play areas has been suggested.

Morpeth Town Council manages several play areas throughout the area for toddlers and juniors.

It carries out essential repairs and maintenance and aims to upgrade the equipment every 15 years.

However, Coun Andrew Tebbutt, who chairs the authority’s Property and Asset Management Committee, has asked if the time could be right for a more radical approach.

He said: “I think as a council we should talk about what is the most appropriate kind of play areas for the current time.

“What we have done gradually is replace equipment with what we could afford and put safety material on the ground. The play areas have been upgraded, but I went to a play area in Scotland with my granddaughter and it was a very different type of play area to what we have got. It had really been developed and there were lots of children thoroughly enjoying it.

“Perhaps the time is coming for us to give our play areas an upgrade.”

Council Clerk Gillian Turner said the budget currently only provides for essential maintenance and repairs, and when families have been consulted in the past their preference was for traditional play equipment.