It’s a dog’s life at the Institute

Kirkley WI

THE members of Kirkley WI were enthralled by John Hodge, who spoke at their May meeting.

Mr Hodge is a prison officer working with drug dogs. He explained his role in the prevention of drug use in prison. Some of the members took part in a practical demonstration where the dogs showed their expertise in detecting drugs. Their work is valuable in detecting and halting drugs being taken into prison.

Giving the vote of thanks, Joan Harrison thanked John for enlightening members about his work.

The competition for a dog photo was won by Alison Carins.

Members are reminded that the June meeting is an afternoon visit to Marley Cote Walls Farm and then high tea at Slaley WI. The July meeting is a visit to Newby Hall. In August the Institute will present a garden seat to Kirkley Hall.