KEVI quartet achieve national final spot

Good teamwork added up to regional success for a team of Morpeth high school students.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 12 March, 2016, 07:40
The students from King Edward VI School, Morpeth, who finished second in the North East heat of the Senior Team Maths Challenge.

By finishing second in the North East heat of the Senior Team Maths Challenge, run by the UK Maths Trust and the Further Maths Support Programme, George Aynsley, David Bradburn, Dan Larby and James Marsden took part in the national final in London.

The King Edward VI School upper school pupils achieved a score that was higher than several other heat winners and they were the only comprehensive school team from the North East to qualify for the finals.

The competition involves several rounds of gruelling maths problems.

Maths teacher Kathy Wells, who accompanied the students at the national final, said: “As a maths department, we are so proud of these students as the questions involved in qualifying for the final are extremely challenging, they needed to excel at many different areas of mathematics and many of the problems were presented in a non-traditional way.

Their commitment and enthusiasm is to be applauded.”