Labour tops Euro election in Northumberland

Labour came out on top in Northumberland in the elections for the European Parliament, just holding off the Ukip surge.

A total of 78,480 votes were cast across the county in Thursday’s European election, with a turnout of 32.4 per cent, and the bulk of the votes went to Labour, Ukip and the Conservatives.

Labour topped the poll with 21,737 votes, less than 300 ahead of Ukip (21,485), while the Tories were about 2,000 votes back on 19,924. The Lib Dems earned just 7,585 votes.

It represents a major change from the last election in 2009 when the Liberal Democrats came out on top in the county on a similar turnout with more than 20,000 votes, followed by the Tories, Labour and then Ukip in fourth.

The top two parties in Northumberland were reflected in the overall outcome in the region tonight. The three North East MEPs (Member of European Parliament) elected are Judith Kirton-Darling (Labour), Jonathan Arnott (Ukip) and Paul Brannen (Labour).

The full vote breakdown for Northumberland was:

An Independence from Europe – 1,385 votes

British National Party – 963 votes

Conservative Party – 19,924 votes

English Democrats – 1,008 votes

Green Party – 4,393 votes

Labour Party – 21,737 votes

Liberal Democrats – 7,585 votes

UK Independence Party (Ukip) – 21,485 votes